LED Lighting Project: Hotel Mar De Fulles

We recently finished the lighting project of the hotel and hostel Mar de Fulles located in Alfondiguillas in the Sierra de Espadán.

The challenge we faced, given its location and profile of the visitor (senderistas, cyclists, etc.), was that the lighting was integrated in the natural environment and that the materials we used were ecological and socially responsible.

For greater energy efficiency, we decided to use LED lighting in all the installations in a warm tone.

Thanks to the LED, a relaxed atmosphere was achieved in the interior and the integration of the outdoor installations with the natural environment both day and night (without it being seen as a white spot).

In addition, the entire hotel is supplied with electricity by means of photovoltaic panels.

In the restaurant we use LED light in wooden beams creating a grid, to create a pleasant atmosphere, and recessed ECO LEDs to get natural light.

On the other hand, for the rooms , we opted for LED profiles hidden in fake wood to create an atmosphere of maximum relaxation and comfort.

The lighting design of the kitchen was made to measure, along with the advice of the owner of the hotel, so that it would adapt to the future needs of the kitchen staff.                                                                                            If your hotel needs a custom lighting project, contact us.

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