I Must Run! Run for Your Life

Games like Canabalt helped consolidate the mixture of platforms with frenetic racing as an independent genre and is running at full speed while we dodged all kinds of obstacles is very funny, although sometimes it can be a pretty dangerous as in Grim Joggers activity.

I must run! It is a game which encourages us to precisely that: running, put us in the shoes of an escaped prisoner and run as far as you can avoiding obstacles and jumping by all kinds of places. Apparently more of the same but with some small variation that gives more good atmosphere.

Unlike other games of this genre in I must run! In addition to running and jumping, we have that break down barriers with his fists While we run and slide down on the ground and passing through narrow aisles. All well integrated in a touch interface where we jump if you press on the right, on the left hit and at the bottom we slip.

Game modes include another novelty. On the one hand can play a kind of story mode where we recreate the flight, our protagonist and through six scenarios to achieve their goal: be free. We also have the classic mode without end where we have to endure the maximum time possible to get the best score live.

Obviously I must run! It does not come to revolutionize the genre and in some respects is quite similar to Canabalt. But it is a fun title that in addition offers free trial version. Its creators, Gamelion Studios, are responsible for also Doodle Fit among others, game that we saw in his day in Xataka Android.

I must run! Version 1.0.5

  • Version of Android: Since 2.1
  • Developer: Gamelion
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: Free / 0.99 EUR
  • Category: Games

I must run! It’s a game where we have to run as fast as we can and at the same time jump and avoid all kinds of obstacles. The goal is to get as far as possible.

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