How to Rip Jeans Step By Step

As torn jeans is what many come to ask ourselves, when we see all those grunge style ripped jeans that never go out of fashion, and then which we keep in the recesses of the wardrobe to be old or boring.
And is that it has no case keep clothes that you’re not going to recycle, don’t you think? For this reason, tearing technique is very good when you want to give a look different from your denim pants.

Since we have and turn them into shorts, skirts, skinny or joggers, this could not miss.

Below you will find two different tutorials, which propose you to break your pants with different styles, depending on the outfit you want to achieve.

As torn jeans on her knees

If you only want pants with broken knees, more discreet and not so misaligned, there is a very simple trick that is limited to make an opening in this area.

This tutorial TatoTips channel shows you like. You will need a marker, scissors and tweezers to fray a little breaks.

You can take as inspiration, the three beautiful outfits displayed at the end to show off this type of pants. As you see, can be used with all kinds of clothes; not necessarily rock or very grunge.

As tear easy jeans

You seek a complete transformation for your old clothing, and not only in the knee, you will have to break more areas until obtaining a very rebellious and fashionably frayed effect.

This video from the channel of the one of the most K A R E L and, is great to achieve this. The procedure is basically equal to the previous one, except that this time, you will learn to open patches of different sizes and with much more daring breaks.

The two looks that she proposes at the end, are not bad. Whether you have a departure in the evening or go walk in the day, they are ideal.

Now you don’t have to ask as torn jeans, after seeing how easy that is. We encourage you to renew that pair of pants old man that you keep in the closet, waiting to be used again.

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