How to Choose My Headlight

For a correct choice of a headlight it is necessary to know the following attributes in order to choose the product that best suits your needs.

1. Maximum reach:

The range announced in Petzl lanterns is the distance in meters to which the front flashlight produces illumination greater than or equal to 0.25 lux.This level of illumination, which is comparable to the clarity of a full moon night, is considered a threshold below which the frontal flashlight is no longer effective.

2. Autonomy :

It is the time during which a flashlight produces illumination greater than or equal to 0.25lux at a distance of two meters.In flashlights with “Constant Illumination”(See point 4), the autonomy announced corresponds to the time before it goes into reserve mode.

3. Light Beam:

Petzl has succeeded in ensuring that the light beam of the lantern is perfectly homogeneous , as opposed to the central point or the concentric circles of conventional lanterns. This allows for greater maneuverability and user comfort. In addition, this type of flashlights do not dazzle and allow to see accurately the whole of the illuminated area.

There are three forms of light beams:

  • Wide light beam: Allows diffused lighting suitable for close work.
  • Mixed Light Beam: Combines a large part for nearby illumination with a focused part to illuminate at a great distance.
  • Focused light beam : Concentrates the light to illuminate at a great distance with precision.

Figure 1: Shape of the light beam. From left to right: Wide beam for close work. Light beam mixed to combine lighting near and far. Light beam focused to illuminate at great distance.

4. Constant lighting:

The main advantage of constant lighting is to provide stable performance over a certain time.During this time the luminosity will NOT decrease progressively, keeping constant luminosity and reach.When the batteries are almost exhausted, the brightness changes to a survival or standby level that is maintained long enough to terminate the activity, move or replace the batteries.This reserve lighting time varies from 30 minutes to 10 hours depending on the flashlight.

Conversely, flashlights that lack constant illumination provide very bright illumination that decreases progressively until the batteries run out.

Note: In the lanterns that have this function, the announced autonomy corresponds to the constant illumination time.

Figure 2: Graphical representation of the brightness and range provided by a flashlight with constant illumination and by another without constant illumination as a function of time.

5. Boost Mode:

Boost mode is available in some LED headlights.It allows to increase, for 20 seconds, the lighting power 50% above the maximum level.

6. Sealing:

Petzl has designed the different models of frontal flashlights with different levels of watertightness and suspended particles.It is an important fact to take into account according to the conditions in which the lantern is going to be used.

7. Atmospheres with risk of explosion:

Certain models have been designed with explosion protection, for atmospheres with risk of explosion. These flashlights carry the symbol Of authorized use in an explosive atmosphere.

8. Lumens:

Lumens are a unit of measure of the amount of light emitted in all directions.

Petzl indicates the luminous flux in maximum mode, reflecting the maximum capacity of the flashlight.

9. Head weight:

It refers to the weight of the flashlight and the batteries supported by the head, in grams.Petzl has generated models for all kinds of circumstances, so we can find from compact and ultra compact flashlights to robust and off-road lanterns, powerful and autonomy.

10. Warranty:

Petzl offers a 3-year warranty for its flashlights, with the exception of the E + Lite emergency flashlight, which has a 10-year warranty.

Customizable comparisons of puts at your disposal the option? Compare ?.Select this option in each of the products of your interest, so that a comparative table is automatically generated.This tool is a great help to make a right choice.

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