How to Choose a Good Lighting in Our Scout Activities

For long journeys

Front lamps, also known as hands-free, are ideal for use when walking for long distances at night.

As a general rule, and for convenience, it is advisable to not carry anything in their hands.

Can choose which front lamp?

There is a wide variety of makes and models to choose from.

The most important thing is to see our needs, what we use it, how much money we have and if it will be worthwhile making a strong spending and invest with face lamp, or conformanos with a cheap for very occasional departures.

In general these are the characteristics that must have:

  • Front LEDS lamp

Compared with the old lamps, led technology consumes approximately 80% less energy than a common focus.

This means that we can use it on very long trips without worrying about changing batteries.

They also usually always have three types of light, including the Red led.

  • Great lighting

The ideal is that the lamp is at least 180 lumens, this way you can walk down almost any path clearly appreciating the way.

The ideal? A lamp with more lumens, primarily for use in the forest.

But bear in mind that the greater the ability to illuminate, the weight increases considerably.

  • Water proof

This is very important because when we are in nature we are exposed to the weather, which can change from one moment to another.

You can surprise a storm, a snowfall or even fall into a river.

For this reason, this feature is vital at the time of choosing a front lamp.

Gas/Lantern lamp

Although they are a little cumbersome and extremely delicate, they are an excellent choice for light up the nights of camp.

The lampas of gas generally used the same cartridge that the stove, so you save some space if you share the tank.

How to choose the gas lamp?

You must keep in mind that some brands use cheap components that eventually needed much maintenance.

Ideally, opt for a high-end model that the only thing you should do is turn it on without worrying about anything else.

Flashlight in hand

These always must be omitted as first choice, since they are cumbersome, little lit, energy-intensive and after a long day walking hand gets tired.

It is a good choice if you leave camp little and not walk at night.

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