Grim Joggers, This Dangerous Sport Called Jogging

Jogging can be quite an adventure, or at least so the creators understand it’s Grim Joggers, a fun platform puts us in the shoes of a group of riders who come to work out different places to which more dangerous and full of deadly traps.

The objective is simple: get as far as possible. No matter how many racers lose along the way, while more remote routes more high will be our score but much more runners keep alive more score multipliers will obtain.

As you can see in the video is development is similar to Canabalt. Run, jump and Dodge objectives by five thematic scenarios each one with different threats, travels and achievements which, in some cases, we have to overcome in order to unlock the next level.

Grim Joggers It has two versions in the Android Market. On the one hand one free with a single level which brings together obstacle at all levels and on the other a payment at a price of 1,79 euros has individual levels and more achievements. Both versions are integrated with the social network games OpenFeint.

As a fan of this genre I must say that the game is quite entertaining and hooking enough so we try overcome our brands as well as other users all over the world. Also by having a free version you have no excuse to not try it if you call you attention Grim Joggers.

Grim Joggersversion 1.2.4

  • Version of Android: Since 2.3
  • Developer: 10tons
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: Free / 1,79 EUR
  • Category: Games

He runs the maximum possible distance overcoming all kinds of traps and obstacles in four scenarios of different sceneries.

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