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We often speak of curvy girls, curvy bride, abundant size; on tv and online thousand tutorials on outfit suitable for this type of women. What makes me laugh is that to give these recommendations are “industry experts” anything but curvy, only those who have an abundant body really knows and can understand what may be the “problems” to be resolved. Let’s face it, on tv and online, the curvy woman is 46 or 48 tg tg for two meters high, it is called a curve if you have fuller bust, or simply bulging flanks; not to mention the fashion world where a tg 44 is considered already curvy, and the models are curvy but also very high. What I want to highlight is that when it comes to curvy on tv or on line means what the term means, or curves; so I’m okay with that we’re talking about female prosperous, with breast or butt plenty but don’t place it against the concept of curvy than people expect, namely to plus sizes, women abundant.

Therefore we make clear, what I understood, and maybe 90% of the people who are reading it that:

  • For curvy in the fashion world is a model over 170 cm with size greater than or equal to 44.
  • Curvy you can enjoy tv and the web for tutorials on outfits and pictures, means female breast prosperous or abundant derriere; dressing a 46 maximum, this special is a “fault” as not in keeping with the rest of the body.
  • The concept of curvy whose people want to talk about, is thewoman chubby, from tg 48!

I’m not going to do so much a matter of size, because a woman sz 44 high 140 cm is curvy! In Italy the problem and confusion underlies the concept of non-curvy woman. We start from this. What we understand for non-curvy woman?… each of us face an examination of conscience, and the answer comes by itself.

To give further inspiration to this topic, which I had planned for some time, was a girl who, a few days ago, I wrote in private on the facebook page of the blog. This girl (curvy), that if you want to write a comment to show up, I wrote a lot of compliments about my wedding look, as she too fond of Jenny Packham, asked me some tips to purchase.

The thing that amazed me is that although we don’t know each other, he said he didn’t resisted the urge to write me I was beautiful, radiant and that the dress I was fine; This has made me an example to follow, and looking at my photos could admire a Jenny Packham dress on a curvy woman, thinking that her dream to wear one, can be brought.

After picking up talking about my distant dream of wearing a Jenny Packham dress, my fears that it may not be right for me, for my surprise but perhaps even confirmation that I was not wrong about the idea I had of my wedding look and blah blah blah, having encouraged and filled with details, reiterated his admiration toward me calling me “fighissimaaaaa!” adding words :”… However, in all sincerità…io I have rarely seen a bride’s so fine! transmit joy and security … you are an example to follow! ”

What can I say, receive these words made me much pleasure, more of compliments on her wedding day from family and friends, my husband, by the staff of the Atelier where I purchased the dress are compliments not due, by a woman, curvy, doesn’t know me. Know that for this bride-curvy, are an example to follow I proud. This for the series to be beautiful and cunt sometimes some additional kg doesn’t count.

For this reason I want to do with my experience a poutpurri of tips for choosing a wedding dress for curvy and look for those brides chubby who are afraid of not being able to be as beautiful on their wedding day.

Aside from the different physicality, PEAR, Apple, hourglass and rectangle, the advice that I give are to fit your physique, case by case, because there are no unique rules such as I can’t seem to pinpoint me within these physicality, there are people like me who are robust or chubby but proportionate, where does not prevail no PEAR, Apple or other fruit.

The fabrics to choose from for the plus size wedding dress.

  • Look out for soft fabrics, so as not to be bigger than what you so yes to silk, chiffon and georgette; on lace and lace but not overdo it and in the right places; for example if you are strongest at the bottom than the top, and then you have the shoulders and small breasts (PEAR physicist), the lace on top to “arricchirire” a poor cleavage, if you have a cleavage and shoulders, the pizzo to soften turned armswith sleeves, and glide. Not recommended clothes in silk mikado, taffeta and tulle, which are better suited to brides filiform or opposite problem and need “riempiersi”. These two fabrics can go for the choice of skirts that go down smooth without too much, if you have narrow hips.

My NO strizzaciccia Bustier and explain why.

  • Dispelling the myth of the corset and the size smaller, it is true that with a corset it may decide to squeeze and squeeze and do the Hourglass, but it is also true that the bride has to breathe and move in harmony, and that, dear ladies, fashion experts and designers, If you squeeze from na Yujun part comes out somewhere else. Please be objective, if you have extra kg and abundant forms especially on cleavage, avoid corsets that make the effect pork sausage! Even for those on the rolls, the corset close does damage. It’s really sad to see that breast that comes up into my throat, the flab that comes out of the side under the armpits(this applies to all brides); with me they tried, yes I had the waists thinner but I found myself ways baby girl, I looked in the slightest movement, have prevented the bust as the Bustier and with big Dick, I resulted really clumsy.So if you are generous and you have the physicality that it calls to Apple, busty, avoid the bustiers, better contain the flab with an ad hoc body type underwear; Choose a V so that impulses the figure, or a Sweetheart neckline, don’t choose the boat neck if you have shouldered by swimmer, no to bodice with straight or American, if you are enormous at the top, these cuts will expand even more, choose if you have small shoulders. If you don’t have a long neck to neck dresses. In any case, try to soften and sweeten the cleavage.

The waistline is your strong point.

  • Give importanceto the waist, choose a template that marks the point well life, forget the tg in less that a corset can give, if you can in order to enhance, or failing to do, a nice life, you will be ok. So yes to dresses with the waist up but choose the top that outbursts, then v-neck or sweetheart, Yes to clothes half siren or straight and slipped, the important thing is to mark your waist, without being a single piece style water heater; for example, you can opt for a precious bracelet, a cummerbund tied back with a Ribbon; in this case you can choose a sheer body without shoulder, if you’re not abundant above.

What kind of skirt choose, avoid unnecessary swelling and balloon effect.

  • The skirtof the gown that is soft, any fabric you choose, try not to put too much stuff under the tulle thickens, and even if you have a rectangular physicality, which advocates a dress with Bubble skirt, remember you are always curvy brides and the effect is not always of the best, betting on the waistline but do not overdo with the width. The width the Council at curvy brides high enough, but banned at 12 cm heel with curvy bassine.

White Yes but not exaggerated.

  • If you try to avoid the abundantwhite Frost, and like I said, no to shiny fabrics such as taffeta, choose colors more opaque and powdery, like cream or champagne. For example, my dress was not white, like all wedding dresses by Jenny Packham.

Password body awareness.

  • Hide the defectsand to do that you have to have awareness. So if you have abundant arms, opt for short or long sleeves but not narrow, depending on the period, or a mother of light. If you have a busty enhance it but don’t overdo it and be vulgar especially if you get married in Church, a neat neckline will do for you, do not even cover it too result banded breast and pinched, which tends to widen at the top; Choose an intimate gathering your breasts if you have it on the side and who supports him so right if it’s very filling, it is preferable to a flesh-colored underwear body containing the Yujun, instead of the two pieces that marks.

The hairstyle and the right accessories.

  • Regardingthe hairstyle and the veil, I believe that since we are already so many of our women pluse size,the minimalism face the Bill: a light crop slim figure the loose hair and ponytails ‘are only good if natural and not too long, but in my opinion weigh down the figure. Don’t overdo it with the veil, choose a simple without too many baubles, lace fabrics, better without lowering because when putting it behind make effect balloon. On Accessories,for those short, choose gloves and shoes you dare with a nice heel, but it’s convenient and let you walk naturally. For jewelry, same rule: do not overdo it, a pair of earrings with pearls, or glitter are fine, the collier undermine the figure.

Dear future brides plus sizes, these are little tips that I give based on my experience, then you will always and anyway you choose your gown. The truest and most important advice that I give for choosing your wedding dress and look, you have awareness of your body, If you know click and understand what gives and what doesn’t, what makes you feel better and certainly you’ll bring your gown with all the grace and class that deserves.

Remember that to be princesses do not need a very large dress, and you don’t have to find out to be sensual.

And now get inspired.

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