Eternity Warriors, Glu Still Goes Strong for The Free to Play with a Hack and Slash

The free to play increasingly it is gaining more ground in games for mobile devices, being Glu, one of the major companies to use this model to distribute and monetize their titles. Some of which we have already here speaking as a Gun Bros.

The last game of Glu jump on the bandwagon of the free to play and land on Android is Eternity Warriors. An action title in format hack and slash where the objective is very simple: put an end to all the hordes of enemies that you put in our way. All this in a format that has many similarities with devil, a reference in this genre.

The game mechanics does not have much complication: we move on a two-dimensional map where we need to go running out the enemies that appear. Controls remain in a scheme similar to the other many games for mobile: a touch stick on the left to move your character and on the right buttons to run the respective attacks.

As we are eliminating enemies and overcome hordes we are getting money then we can invest in get new weapons and equipment. Like good game free to play not all content is free of first by what you will have to pay for certain objects or download other games to get special credits.

Although the development of the action is very well executed it is worth mentioning that the menu interface is a bit confusing and sometimes we tide a bit until we got back to the battlefield. The truth is that the first experience with Eternity Warriors You can confuse a little, once past the tutorial home. Anyway, the learning curve is quick and soon we shall be with the interface.

As you can see in the screenshots and promotional video Eternity Warriors It has a powerful enough graphics so We need a powerful Android. Very powerful indeed because even in some mobile phones with 1 GHz processor and Nexus One not working properly. In devices with dual-core as the Asus Eee Pad Transformer is compatible.

Eternity Warriorsversion 1.0.0

  • Version of Android: Since 2.0
  • Developer: Glu
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Games

Fight with hordes of enemies and enhance your equipment with the money you earn to end them.

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