Dressed In Sports Shoes

There is life beyond the sport for your shoes! If last week to teach you my running shoes with a skirt this week repeated “style” and combine a dress with sneakers.

And it is that it is a Vice. Similar to when the dancers and all were combined it with them, it was most used shoe though had a storm of wind and rain… Here it’s the turn of athletic shoes!

Was I all happy to buy jeans, thinking about my beloved tennis and two dresses crossed my path. And I could not resist, because of colors they were super, style, and price… great!

Good thing also is that pants give me Yes and as losing something already I go falling followed. However these dresses I hope extend them a little more life than if they were pants. I opted for two that I will serve both now in winter as in summer spring… At the moment I teach one!

So no more needed to decide, a few quick thoughts in my mind immediately gave me the OK to buy. This is from H & M and you can find it in the plus size section H&M+, the look a necklace by Primark lowered by 2 eurillos.

And you what seem to be these mixes? To me me are the sea of comfortable! Sneakers Yes or NO?

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