Deflection and Tanks!, Two 3D Games with Retro Aesthetics to Your Android

Today we are going to submit games Deflection y Tanks!, Although they have already been a long in the Android Market, recently receiving a revision to correct errors and expand its game modes, in addition to fully operational in tablets with Android Honeycomb. In both cases are games whose aesthetic is of type 3D no textures, with a touch of retro, easy to play, where to take a few good times, alone or against friends via Wi-Fi games. ‘pique’ is guaranteed.


Tanks! It’s a retro game, because it is based on a popular game of the arcade machines of the 80s, in which you bounce your tank by a war zone and have that destroy other tanks and helicopters avoiding them you destroy yourself. In that combat zone you can find rocks, which can not be destroyed, or trees, that will destroy a shot. Both serve as parapet. The entire area of the map is bounded and can not exceed it.

Your tank has a radar, showing to your enemies as a few red dots, but also, to make your task easier, will be marked with a few yellow spots some square boxes containing aid that can momentarily give your tank: missiles, shields, energy, machine gun, hiding, etc.

On the screen we will also see a the energy bar our tank and we will also show the FPS (frames per second) in the lower right corner; It is important to check the performance of your Android device. You can play perfectly on a mobile, which is the device to which it is intended, but also after the recent update, you can already play with Honeycomb tablets, and in the case of this analysis captures are made on the Asus Transformer with the Honeycomb 3.2.

Tanks! and their controls

There are 2 control systems in the game to be chosen by the person concerned. One is controlling the direction of the tank by single-lever virtual placed to the left. The other system emulates the old recreational machine, which would be handled with 2 levers, each one acted where every tracked tank. With each finger will control the Caterpillar on each side as shown in the image.

The 2 levers system believe that it is the most realistic and fun, although it is hard to control until you’re not wearing a few games. In both cases, for shoot, simply click on any other area of the screen.

Tanks! and their modes of play

With Tanks! We have 2 modes of play. One is you against the machine, with 3 levels of difficulty, where each degree difference is in the number of tanks/helicopters which will be in the combat zone, as well as the speed of response to attack you and drain your energy. This mode of play, after a few games, It ends up being a bit repetitive, Since there are only 2 types of enemies (tanks and helicopters), and once you learn to Dodge them and strengthen your energy with aid, items can be eternal.

With the Game Host Game mode It really is with the more we’re going to have fun. Consists in up to 8 players game under the same network WiFi, where you can also add contenders controlled the game, to fill the quota, if you want. A player will make host, creating the game and setting up your options, and the rest that are on the same WiFi you may connect if they want when they initiate a normal game.

They are items by time, where obviously expire which destroys more contenders or you get before the indicated number of casualties. The mechanics of the game is identical to the solo mode, except that there will be no helicopters.

Tanks!, conclusion

We face to a very simple game, When you take a few games it can be boring, but it takes another color when we play against friends via WiFi. The free version is fully functional and you add a banner at the top of the screen, but does not limit the multiplayer mode. It is a game that you have to try only or better with friends, pique is guaranteed. In the following video, with audio in English, you can see how it is this game if you still not convinced.

Tanks! Version 2.0.11

  • Version of Android: Since 2.1
  • Developer: CMG Research Ltd
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: free / €1.14
  • Category: Android games

Tanks! It is a war of tanks, with aesthetic retro 3D game. Destroy all your contenders and is map helps to reinforce your tank. Also available under the same WiFi multiplayer gameplay.


Deflection also is a game with a retro 3D aesthetics, mixing the idea tennis with the Arkanoid game. The objective is to deplete your opponent, machine and they will control a ‘racket’ square with that knock the ball, to which we can apply effect to make his career more complicated return.

The game aims to return the ball, as in the game of tennis, making impact in an area of your opponent’s Board, as you do hits on turf you get remove part of its barrier and energy.

Deflection and its modes of play

Currently the only game has 2 game modes. One is in items by rounds, where you have to deplete the opponent’s energy until he do the same with you. As you make hits on your site you will get delete part of the barrier. The second impact is when you will do you harm, but also with each successful impact recargarás your advantage bar. When the bar is loaded press twice on your racket to activate it. Be very careful because the machine will automatically do the same.

Another game mode is an evolution of the first, but there is no pause between rounds. As soon make impact in the area of your opponent, to the next hit will pass to the next level in a visual transition without pause. Thus you will go again and again increasing levels. The machine, to beat you, will have to take you to level 1 and there beat your defense. Both game modes have the advantage bar, you’re also going Unlocking with each game and you can choose from at the beginning of this.

The game time multiplayer mode is not enabled, but they promise it’s coming with the next update. We suppose to be composed in gamIt’s ader the same WiFi network against a friend, following the same way of game in basic gameplay. Whatever it is, when it becomes available, it will be quite fun.

Deflection, conclusion

The game runs perfectly on mobile phones that have tested (Nexus S and Xperia Arc), but also in the Asus Transformer. If you like the combination of tennis with Arkanoid, with perspective 3D will be hooking you. The free version has the drawback that You can only play for a while, that concluded the game ends you, thing does not much grace. But the full version is not too expensive, but if you don’t have clear, waiting for the multiplayer version, which you will really enjoy most. We show you a video if still don’t know how to play.

Deflection Version 1.1.4

  • Version of Android: Since 1.6
  • Developer: Meteor Pixel
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: free / €0.91
  • Category: Android games

Deflecticon is a retro arcade that challenges your reflexes. It’s like a tennis but in 3D. This is the Demo version. Some options will not be available and you can only play for a while. When you buy the full version unlocks everything.

I hope that both games have been proven to you interesting. In my case, both the Nexus S, Xperia Arc and Asus Transformer both ran without a problem. If your mobile phone does not install it or malfunctioning leave a notice on the comments for the rest of readers.

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