Cycling In The Elderly

It is no news to anyone that cycling is a very healthy practice for both body and mind and these benefits are not restricted only to a certain age group where you are a child, adult or old age, cycling only tends to add Benefits and advantages to the life of those who adhere to this type of activity.

At that particular time we will address cycling in the third age, where it is known that older people constantly need a healthy and safe way of doing some physical activity.

With the passing of the years, the physical conditioning of the human being tends to become more fragile, a reduction of muscle mass occurs and with this, the inability to find some physical activity that allows the restoration of strength without compromising the joints ends up becoming something Fundamental.

In this way, cycling in the third age is certainly an excellent alternative to be solving this temporal weakness of the body because it is a complete practice and that provides several health benefits.

It is easy to see how the bicycle can help the elderly to remain active and participatory. The explanation lies mainly in two factors.

The first of these is socialization. When pedaling, the old man takes a new stand before life. Instead of becoming more sedentary and withdrawn, he goes out, strolls, and in these comings and goings, knows people, makes friends, socializes. The second factor is related to physical benefits.

The health benefits of elderly adults resulting from exercise, especially cycling, are as follows: reduction of general mortality, increased postural stability, increased cognition, reduced functional disability, improved self-image, improved sleep, increased Psychological well-being and encouragement to promote other changes in lifestyle.

Benefits Of Cycling In The Elderly

Reducing Stroke Risks

Cycling provides the elderly with a number of benefits to their health, where the greatest of them consists in reducing the risk of Stroke-Stroke, because when cycling will occur a rise in heart rate and also this practice helps in the blood pressure control.

Bad Cholesterol Reduction

Another benefit from the practice of cycling is expressed through the reduction in significant levels of LDL cholesterol or commonly called bad cholesterol. With this reduction, the blood vessels will remain healthier and there will be no risk of the onset of some diseases such as thrombosis for example.

Improvement Of Muscular Strength

An improvement in muscular endurance is also very noticeable in elderly people who are cycling enthusiasts and this evidence is most noticeable in some regions of the body such as thighs, buttocks, calves and abdomen.

Increased Bone Mass

In addition, this practice provides advantages for those suffering from osteoporosis since pedaling also contributes to the increase of bone mass.

Tips For Cycling In The Elderly

It is important for the elderly that when starting the pedal he maintains a correct posture in his bicycle, because if he positions of inclined forward when it is walking, his muscles of the back end up being tensed.

Therefore pay close attention to your position on the bike while cycling. Always maintain regular movements of the legs, as this will strengthen the lower back and consequently prevent the onset of a herniated disc.

As a practice that stimulates the proper functioning of the immune system, cycling can be a great alternative to be avoiding infections and even cancer.

In comparative terms it is as if the cells that are responsible for the defense of the organism were inert and soon after the beginning of the pedals they activate quickly.

Another organ that also benefits from the practice of cycling is the brain, because thanks to this activity its oxygenation is improved and with this more hormones responsible for the feeling of well-being are released.

It is not known for certain if there is a relationship, but a decrease in anxiety levels was observed in people who practice regular physical activity, not to mention the evident increase in levels of endorphins, noradrenaline and serotonin that result in mental stability, thus promoting healthy sleep And repairing.

This sport also promotes optimization of oxygen consumption thus improving heart rate, systolic volume and cardiac output.

As you may note the practice of cycling brings a plethora of health benefits to the elderly, where each region of the body is bestowed with some advantage provided by this activity.

But not only that, what many people do not know is that cycling also helps slow down certain effects of aging such as decreased stature and flexibility for example.

Generally at that age the notion of balance becomes a serious problem, however, with the practice of cycling it is possible to notice an improvement of this aspect, and is therefore characterized as another advantage made available to those who are adept at cycling.

In terms of socialization, cycling also turns out to be an incentive for the elderly person to try to interact more with the people around them, be it for rides or even competitions.

With this, the decline in social isolation that tends to be common at this age ends up occurring satisfactorily and this factor has often even become a great option to combat depression.

Regarding the physical safety of the elderly or even anyone who is starting cycling, it is important to emphasize the need to undergo physical evaluation so that some points such as biotype, health restrictions And the needs of each one, can be analyzed by specialized professionals.

It is also necessary that there is a special care with regard to the use of safety equipment by the elderly person, being of fundamental importance the use of protective accessories such as helmets, knee pads and elbows so that in this way is avoiding possible falls Cause serious damage to the elderly person’s physical health.

You need to know your limits well and never try to take more than your body can bear, no matter how great or better the benefits of that particular activity.

Always do a physical activity, be it cycling or any other activity respecting your limits, because that way you will surely get good results.

Now if the old man does not know how to ride a bicycle, it’s never too late to learn, is not it? But a good alternative to be teaching him to walk first safely is through the exercise bike. This can be used to give the initial instructions to the elderly and then when he is more understood in the subject one can think of the case of the change of the ergometric bicycle for a common bike.

Hydration is another fundamental point and deserves attention at this stage of life even more when cycling is involved.

So to be equipped with bottles of water to be moisturizing during the journey is an important tip, because by nature the body of the person of the third age tends to present a level of body fluid at levels much smaller than the body of a child or Adult for example, then hydration is very necessary for those who are adept at cycling and for that reason you can not leave that detail aside.

For the elderly who are initiated in this practice as well as for those who are already active for some time it is recommended to perform this activity in places with little pedestrian movement and with traffic of less intense vehicles.

Ideally, you should pass well away from highways to avoid the inherent dangers of this practice in these places, since when you present certain limitations in the sensory and motor field, as is the case of the elderly person, then the feasible is not to risk And pedal only for quiet places and without much traffic and all the stress that is usually associated with it.

If you opt for indoor cycling, which is a cycling practice commonly practiced for people in this stage of life, it is necessary to maintain a steady but slow pace to avoid problems such as shortness of breath or something of the kind at the beginning of the cycle.

In addition to all these tips, you who are old and want to start this activity, do not forget to also ally this practice with healthy living habits, performing a balanced diet, with foods that will add nutritional values to your diet and mainly that will provide you with enough energy To face the pedals in their day to day.

Also whenever possible seek professional help even to make sure you are performing the exercises the proper way.

Lastly, as you may have realized, cycling is a practice that, coupled with other factors such as good nutrition, proper hydration and medical follow-up, brings numerous benefits for the elderly and this practice is certainly the best guarantee for If you acquire longevity with quality of life.

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