Cut The Rope: Experiments Reach Android Inside Little

Little time needed to Cut the Rope from its launch on Android to rise as the most downloaded payment application from the Android Market. The truth is reason missing since is one of the most funny and charismatic skill games that exist for mobile devices.

As some of you already know shortly after landing on Android Zeptolab, the creators of Cut the Rope, threw a sequel for iOS: Cut the Rope Experiments and many we began to wonder if it would also come to Android. Finally have an answer to this question: Yes, come.

In an interview with IGN, the creator of Cut The Rope has said that Cut The Rope Experiments It will also come to Android. When? There is a specific date. We hope that you forgive the repetition, the wait is not as long as with the original delivery.

For those who wonder what are the novelties of Cut The Rope Experiments say that, in addition to new levels, we will have with two new game mechanics: on the one hand an object that allows us to shoot ropes to attach candies and a suction cup to prevent it from falling or go out flying. In the video that heads the post you can see how they work.

We remind you that Cut The Rope is available in the Android Market at a price of 0.71 cents. If we do not want to pay you can download a free version with advertising from Getjar, a distribution platform parallel to the official Google market.

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