Choose Your Helicopter – Learning to Fly At Home

The vast majority of indoor helicopters can be used outdoors, although wind and air currents affect them negatively due to its small size.

Most recommended to learn to fly at home, helicopters are obviously children. Those whose rotor does not exceed 30-40 cm in diameter, preferably one of 20 cm.

The main advantage being able to use fly the RC helicopter at home, is that we should not go to a flying field and can practice at any time. This greatly accelerates the learningcurve, and allows us to get a good level in a short time… If we are consistent.

In the indoor flight, we must exercise extreme care with open windows and air currents

They are fairly inexpensive, and we can get one 4-channel as the SoloPRO €70, featuring all types of replacement via online (there are very few shops in Spain who have spare parts for micro helis). For aerobatic flight 3-axis gyro and a 6-channel heli, variable step we can get €150. If we have never flown a RC helicopter, start with one of 6 channels, variable pitch is unreasonable and probably will have many difficulties to get make it fly with ease.

How much larger a RC helicopter, larger weight and the driving force behind their shovels. A fall or accident with a large helicopter, causing several breaks safely. Micro indoor helicopter, do not get damaged so much, they tend to be designed to withstand impacts of medium, but surely we will need spare tails and rotors.

Another important point to get started in the world of one of micro-type RC helicopters is the security. Helicopters step variable or with one greater than 30 cm in diameter rotor, they are not toys, should not be used without being accompanied.

Are dangerous even in expert hands.

In case of interference, a fault or a pilot error, it is very easy to “throw” the helicopter over, and the results can be devastating. Open this link only If you don’t offend you blood, it is an real example very explicit.

We are sure that after seeing this, you have much more clearly find it worthwhile to begin with a “controllable” helicopter. Let’s have options.


There are 3 -channel (forward/reverse, rotate left/right, upload / download) and more advanced 4ch (idem 3 channels + move left/right). They are clearly distinguished by having of 2 thrusters + stabilizer bar. Some have a small tail rotor, but they can not carry motor. Each propeller is powered by a separate engine. The combined rotation of both makes the coaxial will stabilize with ease, like a spinning top. They are extremely easy to make fly, very cheap and therefore the best choice if you want to fly “already”. Personally I find that the flight with a coaxial not resembles nothing to control a helicopter of a helice+rotor. Although they can be used to practice and learn to blow up something, without great pretensions. It is more like a toy. Not suitable for flying abroad. It is preferable to invest in a 4-channel helicopter and take some first steps with PC Simulator.

Step 4-channel fixed

Most incorporate a helix and a stabilizer bar in the main rotor, although there are models without bar and (more expensive and complex) 3-axis gyro. They have 2 servos (shift left/right and front/rear), a mini engine in the tail for rotation control, and the power directly regulates the speed of ascent/descent. The most popular and recommended is the Nine Eagles SoloPRO 260A. Without a doubt, with the micro helicopter that more hours I have been entertaining and enjoyed. With spare parts very affordable, easy to adjust and bombproof performance.
In the same line as the SoloPRO, I recommend the Align Trex 100 x, but beware! the model 100 X 100 and the 100S are more problems. This heli is better finished the SoloPRO, flies and “sounds” more round, but is more delicate and difficult to fly. On the other hand, the pack that accompanies the Trex is luxury, comes with rotors replacement, charger, 2 batteries, radio station quality and even the cable to connect it to the PC by USB (Simulator). No doubt an extra notable. One of the big differences of the Trex 100 x compared to other fixed helis, is the location of the stabilizer shaft, below the propeller of the main rotor, as well as its form with more aerodynamic pads at the ends to give greater stability in flight.

Step 6-channel collective

These helicopters main rotor design provides that the blade can vary their inclination. This control of the pitch of propeller, along with the power of the engine, allows that they can fly inverted and all kinds of tricks. They tend to be precise and somewhat nervous to fly in 3D mode (freestyle), hence its complication to pilot them. Before moving to a helicopter’s collective step it is advisable to practice much with one of 4 channels and the Simulator.
Walkera Genius CPis without hesitation the micro helicopter recommended collective step, both for its high resistance to shock, as for their ability of flight, and price. The first time I tried it, not me hard more than 25 seconds before a huge blight, but was the fruit of my total inexperience. Today it has become my favorite helicopter. I far exceed their benefits, but flies to perfection, and the 6-axis gyro is helpful in inexpert hands such as mine. The stabilizer complex that incorporates, allows a simple design of the rotor, without anti-roll bar or “flybarless”.

Depending on the type of rotor and the number of channels to rule, each helicopter requires a level of different pilot.
Even if you have played with some RC car, don’t let you bring, and think you’re going to be able to easily control a heli. Keep in mind that to fly a helicopter you control 2 levers with a total of 4-axis control to synchronize (2 in a car, accelerate / brake, left/right).

Do not you buy a coaxial unless you want something extremely simple. Just to walk around the room

As first heli I recommend a 4 channels of 20 cm of rotor, specifically the SoloPRO. The only drawback: the station is very simple and can not connect to PC to use a Simulator

To avoid the first 100-200 accidents and save money on spare parts, a simulator is basic to practice. I buy the ClearView goes perfect with the station of Alignt Trex-100 and others that I have.

When you already have a 4 channel by hand, the next step is collective step Walkera Genius CP . You may have to fly home, but outside is where party removed you and flying in 3D is incredible.

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