Choices of LED Flashlight with Different Types of Batteries

If you need to buy a compact handheld LED flashlight or čelovku, we have the right place. In our shop we offer quality, mainly in the fields of the lamp, giving you the true comfort of lighting.

When You Select The Best It Is To Explain, Which Will Mainly Use The Flashlight.

If you need to dosvitit that in the distance, you can choose any offokusovatelnou lamp with kolimatorem or asferickou of lenses that allow zůžit the cone of light in the narrow beam of light. Band the glow of lamps can be adjusted very large range, but when installed in the choice of a cone of light has only the weak Flash (lighter close part of the cone), can that not all are suitable, for example, on the bike, for this type of lamp bulb is not suitable.

Another option is a reflektorovy model with the maximum vyzařovacim close around the corner. However, it should be remembered that lamp long dosvitem is not suitable to house in daytime running lights, or ride, already that the lamps are illuminated on the surface of a small intense and very delicate circle, thanks to which our eyes lose the adaptation in the evening. The more lamp in the center of attention, although nedosviti so far, but for normal use are much more flexible, to facilitate a much more uniform and pleasant space, and it is also suitable in the bicycle handlebar.

When You Select Also Would Have To Think About What Type Of Battery Are More Appropriate.

The most common types of batteries applied in LED flashlight is AA or AAA, according to Due to the low cylindrical battery performance, more and more producers used to power batteries and lithium-based batteries. Battery lithium CR123A (incorrectly called fotobaterie), lightweight and very strong, and in our offer you will find at very affordable prices. These batteries can replace the lithium-ion battery nabijecimi batteries 16340 (RCR123A), which, however, have very short durability. The best choice for feeding powerful lamps, such as the 3.7 v Li-ion 18650, which is one of the best, taking into account the capacity and performance.

A small drawback to the use of Li-ion battery, you have to buy special Li-ion battery charger. Alkaline (aa and AAA mikrotužkove tužkove) they have the great advantage that, as a general rule, you can buy a good relationship calidad-moneda in any supermarket, because of its low power, but its use is recommended only as a reserve, and, if possible, instead of their NiMH batteries nabijecimi. In light of the maxim of mode, just a large sample that alkaline batteries, not with Nimh remains longer and with more clarity. They are very suitable lithium disposable 1.5 v batteries (Energizer, Duracell Lithium batteries…) which is very light and it is very powerful, as usual, with them reaches the oldest operative time.

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