Chinese Barbarities In LED Bulbs

First blog follower thank Marc for sending me an email with links and photos of some bulbs purchased on AliExpress an extremely “cheap” price

The first thing that jumps out as you can see in the following picture, is that the driver of the bulb consists only of 2 components!

And other photos you can see how simple that are these bulbs inside: all plastic, few components, without heatsinks for the leds… And the missing driver diodes and resistors are mounted on the pcb of the leds:

That Yes, a “obscenely cheap” price of $1, but I personally doubt that they give enough light, nor last too.

And also have the face to indicate that leds that mount are of the brand create and that the duration of the bulb is 50000 hours! (when I doubt not you reach 1000 hours as it has happened with other led bulbs cheap even purchased in physical store)

From here urge everyone to not buy this type of bulbs, not meeting any kind of European safety regulations, or electromagnetic emissions, or generation of interferences or security for the view since in many cases the leds are visible and only bother with looking at it and can even they emit UV rays and all this without any guarantee.

If you look at light bulbs that sell in the stores (except Chinese bazaars), increasingly are less light bulbs which leds are because I think that its sale is prohibited.

Consulted with an expert in electronics it tells me that for safety circuits connected to network need a double insulation to ensure that there is no electrical contact with the outside in the event of malfunction (electric shock) and to prevent fires caused by overcurrent is required (e.g. fuse) current limiting devices and images is that these light bulbs do not seem to have neither.

And eye with open light bulb to tinker it that surely we can enramparnos with the 220V directly and take us a good scare!

In addition there are standards and European regulations stating the characteristics that must comply with led bulbs and seems to be that most led bulbs that are installed in Spain are illegal or “alegal”.

And do not trust that it carried the logo of EC riding some of these Chinese LED bulbs, which in this case should really mean “China Export” and not “European conformity” as they have to carry all the products that are sold in Europe and which in theory have to pass a test to obtain the certificate and may be for sale.

If nobody bought this safe type of bulbs that would no longer manufacture them. But while there are people who only look at the price and not the quality of what you buy we invaded by this type of cheap Chinese goods.

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