Casio Toro Rosso Watch

One or the other winces at the brand name Casio might think reflexively of the much-hated math teacher in the school-in addition to calculators has the founded in 1957 Japanese electronics group but still very interesting Quartz watches with great value for money in the portfolio, including the Casio G-shock, as well as the sporty modern EDIFICE series.

Casio wants the brand concept of the EDIFICE series

“Speed & intelligence”

Of course with appropriate marketing communication support and has been since early 2016 official partner of formula 1 racing team Scuderia Toro Rosso. As a team partner, the logos of Casio and EDIFICE on the race suits of the rider, as well as on the nose of the cars can be seen. In addition the team for the season is featuring 2016 watches EDIFICE.

Team principal of the Scuderia Toro Rosso, Franz Tost, says:

“We are proud to have a brand like EDIFICE as a partner that dynamically captures the spirit of technical innovation in the light of further developments. We look forward to working with EDIFICE.”

Toro Rosso is the junior team of the Big Red Bull Racing team: So, including Sebastian Vettel began his career with Scuderia Toro Rosso, which is motorized by Ferrari.

The savory to the whole story: Casio was until the end of 2015 nor partners of big brother Red Bull (incl. so some special models), and was now banished due to TAG Heuer’s Anbändelei with Red Bull in the second row.

As the ruble of one or the other is rolled safely, so this new constellation could enter into force…

Casio Toro Rosso (ERC 554TR): Key data and assessment of the limited special model

The design of the Casio Toro Rosso special model is anything but boring: the second hand and used scale plates are in the team color red accented, while housing, hour and minute hands in Navy and gold. The team logo adorns the dial and Caseback.

Too bad: Only mineral glass is fitted in the Casio Toro Rosso. The Caseback is screwed, it be good 10-bar water resistance reached (for swimming suitable).

My first thought on this design was actually not exactly euphoric nature. On second glance the color combination I liked but then quite well – a matter of taste, one with the Casio Toro Rosso but always striking!

Nice details: included with the Casio Toro Rosso, a small stand is included:

The MSRP for the limited model is €199. The cheapest price I have found, but amounted to around € 176 (as of 26.09.2016).

Before the automatic watches fever has caught me, I had a Casio EDIFICE Red Bull chronograph. The quality was so I can speak from my recommendation the Casio edifice Toro Rosso (assuming, of course, like the design) for the price above average (processing, accuracy etc.).

Finally a few moving images of Casio Toro Rosso and a little formula 1 action:

Alternatives to the Casio Toro Rosso

You may forgive me when I here no models, which have a similar extravagant colours such as the Casio Toro Rosso. Nevertheless the look on the one or the other brand with the sporty image alignment worthwhile.

A the very sporty Tissot T-Race series, which moves visually and technically the image very close to the cycling there. The Swiss watch brand Tissot is long-time official partner of MotoGP. The models with quartz movement are to get from approx. €500.

According to watchtutorials, another alternative comes from the Switzerland: are reflected in the collection of the watch brand Certina, which among other things an official partner is the ADAC GT masters, the sporty classic watches models such as in the DS podium series reflects, where move mainly models with Quartzwerken for around €500.

Finally, maybe even a glimpse of the discontinued models of the Casio Red Bull seriesis worth, like the Casio Toro Rosso with a flamboyant colour scheme make for eye-catcher. The one or the other bargains may be in there!

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