Bridassummer Handbag Contest

Do You Want To Win A Flidas Leather Bag From The Ss15 Collection? #Bridassummer

In SUMMER in my bag is not missing …
Complete this sentence telling what you always carry in your purse in the summer and win this leather shopper’s latest collection of Bridas .

Requirements to participate:

1-Follow our pages on facebook, twitter or instagram.

2-To participate from FACEBOOK you must leave a comment in the contest publication and share it on your wall.In summer in my bag does not lack sun cream

3-To participate from TWITTER.  Do not forget to include in your tuit the hashtag #BridasSummer P or example: @megustanbolsos in summer in my bag does not lack sun cream # BridasSummer

4-To participate from INSTAGRAM. Upload a photo of the inside of your bag with the hashtag#BridasSummer.Tag it @ I like bags and 

You can participate from Facebook, twitter or instagram until July 9th at 7:00 p.m.

Legal basis

BRIDAS-Legal bases of the Promotion on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter #BridasSummer

  1. Requisites of participation
    The promotion #MamaconDdona is open to people with legal residence in Spain, over eighteen (18) years, at the time of their participation, and to be a fan I like the fan page of the brand Clenapal/Bridas/DDona created on Facebook as megustanlobolsos our site/megustanlosbolsos. The participation constitutes the full and unconditional acceptance of the participant of the present legal conditions or “Bases”.The obtaining of a prize depends on the fulfillment of all the requirements established in the present document.The employees of CLENPAL.SL can not participate in the promotion

Facebook does not sponsor, endorse or administer in any way this Contest, nor is it associated with it. The contest is totally disconnected from Facebook and the participant is aware that he is providing his information to the commercial CLENAPAL.SL, owner of the brand “BRIDAS”, and not Facebook, so participants expressly exempt Facebook from all responsibility By any concept. The information you provide will be used exclusively for the management of the Contest, and the sending, by any means, of communications about promotions, contests, sweepstakes, advertising campaigns or similar that are organized by CLENAPAL SL. As well as the carrying out of surveys or similar that allow to carry out market studies in relation to the services of CLENAPAL.SL

  1. Identifying information of the organizing company CLENAPAL
    SL, owner of the brands Ddona and Bridas, with fiscal address in Pol.Industrial C/Treballadores 8a Apdo.Correos 26 03610 Petrer (Alicante), hereinafter the organizer.
  2. Starting and ending
    dates of the Competition The participation period will be open from 12:00 on June 16, 2015 until 7:00 pm on July 9, 2015.
    The organizer reserves the right to modify the dates of the Competition for Facilitate greater participation in it.The present mechanics of the promotion can be varied at any time depending on the success of the same in terms of effective participation.
  3. how to participate?
    You can participate in the contest through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.Each participant can participate as many times as he wants.
    This participation is free and the only requirements are to be a member of the Clenapal community. In Facebook, all you have to do is give the “Like” button on the Brand page and leave a comment in the contest post, on twitter or instagram being a follower as well as being of legal age and resident in Spain at the time of the participation.

Participate From Facebook:
Those who wish to participate must access the contest post #BridasSummer  on the Clenapal/Bridas/DDona Facebook page and complete the phrase In summer in my bag there is no shortage… … You must also share the post.

Participate From Twitter:
People wishing to participate through Twitter should write a tweet to @megustanbolsos completing the phrase “In summer in my bag is not missing… ..” with the hashtag #BridasSummer

Participate From Instagram:

People who want to participate through Instagram should share an image of the inside of their bag, tag the photo @megustanbolsos and comment the photo by completing the phrase “In summer in my bag is not missing” with the hashtag#BridasSummer

The organizer reserves the right to disqualify or disqualify participants who do not comply with the promotion rules (by way of example and not limiting the use of false profiles or
fraudulent use of the system). In addition, the organizer reserves the right to exercise civil and criminal actions to which it is authorized by law against those participants who participate fraudulently in the Contest.
Failure by any participant of the conditions established in these Bases will automatically cancel such participation.

  1. Winning Choice and Communication

The winning participation will be chosen from all the participants by a team of members of the Organizer.
The communication of the winner will be made on the official website of the Clenapal / Bridas / DDona Brand Organizer on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram between May 5 and 6, 2015. The winner accepts that his name is Published by the indicated medium.
In addition, the winner will be contacted via email (once provided through any of the indicated social networks) between 5 and 8 May 2015, where he will be informed that he has won the prize . In the event that the winner does not respond to the e-mail within seven (7) calendar days after notification of the email, he / she will forfeit the prize, the prize corresponding to the first reserve winner, to which Will be contacted only through email, and so on. If the winner fails to fulfill any of the conditions specified here, he would lose the right to the prize that would pass to the first reserve, and so on.
The Organizer may declare the prize deserted in the event that none of the three selected (winner, first reserve winner and second reserve winner) meet the conditions specified in these Terms.

  1. Prize
    The prize of the Contest consists of a leather bag of the Bridas Brand of the spring-summer season 2015. In no case the prize can be exchanged for cash.The delivery of the prize will be made by sending within a period of fifteen (15) calendar days from the winner’s response, to the address contained in the e-mail provided.Shipping costs will be borne by the organizer in full.
  2. Data
    protection policy CLENAPAL.SL guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data provided by the participants and their processing in accordance with the legislation on the protection of personal data and the present data protection clause.
    The processing of your data is intended to manage the delivery of the prize, the promotion of the Contest and the sending by any means of communication about the promotions, contests, sweepstakes, advertising campaigns or similar that organize in relation to CLENAPAL.SL, as well Such as the conduct of surveys or similar that allow to carry out consumer research in relation to CLENAPAL.SL It is also informed that by subscribing to the promotion, the participant expressly authorizes and consents to the fact that the data provided is incorporated into a file whose owner is CLENAPAL.SL.
    In order to comply with Organic Law 15/1999, the participant is informed and gives his express consent to the incorporation of his data to a file owned by CLENAPAL.SL, owner of the DDONA Mark, with fiscal address in Pol. Industrial C / Treballadores 8a Apdo.Correos 26 03610 Petrer (Alicante).
    The participant is also informed about the possibility of exercising the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, in the terms established in the current legislation, by sending a written request, with address at Pol.Industrial C / Treballadores 8a Apdo.Correos 26 03610 Petrer (Alicante). Or to the e-mail address
    Participants may revoke their consent to the processing and transfer of their personal data at any time, without having to justify their decision, simply by communicating it by email to the organizer, to the email address Provided for in the previous paragraph. In any case, the participants are informed that the revocation of their consent during the execution of the Contest will imply the impossibility of continuing to participate in it. On the other hand, the participants agree to communicate to the organizer any modification of their personal data so that they are updated at all times and contain no errors, expressly stating that the data provided will be accurate and truthful.
  3. Obligation of the Bases
    The simple participation implies the acceptance of these Bases of the Contest in its totality, reason why the manifestation of the non acceptance of these will imply the exclusion of the participant of the same, and as a consequence CLENAPAL.SL will be released from compliance with the obligations contracted with said participant.
    Likewise, participation in this Contest entails the acceptance of all the conditions of the Contest, including the application of tax regulations resulting from mandatory application, as well as express submission to the interpretative decisions made by the organizer.
  4. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
    The organizer will not be liable in the event that during the duration of the Contest there is any interruption or anomaly in the service, temporary lack of availability or continuity of operation of the service, problems in transmission, loss of information , Fraud, malfunction in the telecommunications network, problems in the operation of the software, access or communication failure or other technical problems that are beyond its control or attributable to network operators, intermediary service providers and other third parties, and That affected the dynamics of the Contest, or that could cause a delay or make participation impossible.
    The organizer reserves the right to modify totally or partially the Bases of this Promotional Contest and the dates and prizes stipulated therein;As well as the interpretation of the Bases of the Promotional Contest, being unappealable the decisions that it takes in this sense as well as on aspects not foreseen in these Bases. Any modifications that occur due to external causes not attributable to the Sponsor will be informed with due notice to the general public. The modifications made in these Bases, for any reason, will not give rise to any claim or compensation.
    The organizer will not be responsible if the Competition has to be annulled or suspended due to force majeure, legal imperative or by order of the authorities in the matter, a situation that will be brought to the attention of the participants, leaving the organizer exempted from any obligation To the participants.
    By participating in this Contest regulated by the present Rules, the participants declare that they have full knowledge and have accepted the rules contained herein and are governed by them when participating in the Contest.By participating in this Promotional Contest, each participant consents to be bound by these rules, which will be definitive in all matters related to this Contest. Any violation of these official rules or the wrong or inappropriate conduct of the Winner (in the complete discretion of CLENAPAL.SL) will result in the cancellation of the Winner as Winner of the Contest. The delivery of the prizes to the Winner will be conditional on the fulfillment by the latter of the applicable legislation and regulations and the present Bases. The participants will be solely responsible for any damage and prejudice that may result from any breach by them of these Terms and the granting of the prize and the use they make of it, and will keep the organizer harmless in this respect, Any claim against the organizer for any damages or losses that derive from the award of the prize in their favor and the use that they make of it.
    This promotional contest is governed by Spanish law. The organizer and the participants in the promotion, with express resignation to any other jurisdiction, submit themselves to the courts and tribunals of Alicante for any controversy that could arise from the promotion.

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