Beauty Tricks – Makeup Bases And Correctors

These days ago, a friend suggested one idea and so, as I have thought of creating a new section on the blog that go giving tips or tricks that will facilitate a little work to be beautiful.

I decided to go putting them in batches and themes so that it becomes not very heavy read.

Let’s go for the first? Come, today beautypically will talk about funds of makeup and concealers.

Everyone knows, the color most successful when choosing a basis, is one that most resembles our natural skin color, but how can check the tone? We need to try it on our skin. But the skin of the wrist or the of hand and much less of the hand of the clerk does not us… Try the color of the makeup on your jaw line, which is between your cheeks and your neck. If the blend, color is lost with your skin, you have successful tone. If it isn’t, still testing.

You must be aware, that sometimes products are oxidized and then that Fund of makeup that at first glance seems successful tone, then we go to the darker or lighter than desired. That is why it is convenient to apply the color and give us a little time before we decide to buy it. A few minutes will be enough to allow the product to settle on the skin.

Also important, check the color of the makeup on your face and the salt in the light of the day. There you will see really if you conform or not to skin. Sometimes, the artificial lights can play us a dirty trick.

Even so, many times, we have a foundation that we have too light or too dark and keep it in a drawer until the next opportunity can be used. As well, we will continue to use them if mix between them to get the right tone.

We can also darken or clarify a makeup base using a correction fluid darker or more clearly as we need.

This same trick, also we can bring an extra coverage to our base, if we chose a corrector of the same tone.

Another way to use a too dark Foundation, is using it by way of the contours of the face, applying it in the areas we want to deepen and integrating well edges of correction to make it subtle and natural. The same can do with a concealer that is dark to us.

If at a given moment we do not have Foundation, we can mix a concealer fluid with moisturizing cream and get a good BB Cream, giving greater coverage the greater the amount of concealer.

Another way to make our own BB Cream at home is to mix our Foundation with moisturizer. We get less coverage and a more moisturizing than with the usual base.

If you usually apply your Foundation with sponge, dampen before taking the product, spend better quantity and the result will be more natural and long lasting. You can do it with water, tonic, with makeup fixative… This is your choice.

You can also dampen your makeup brush before impregnating her product, you will more easily slide down the face and finish that you will get will be lighter.

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