Aninha’s Tip: Learn How To Wear Necklaces

The necklaces are always a good request to compose a look.With them, you can turn that basic look into nothing basic, but always be careful not to overdo it and leave it loaded.

As I do not follow much trends and use what I like, I will not stop using it just because it has gone out of fashion or else I have to use it because it is being trend.

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If you are not too accustomed to dare, the tip is to use the necklaces in the same color as the look.

Bet on similar tones so you do not miss

Are you too lazy to put on a look? Get that basic blouse you have in your wardrobe, in jeans, throw a necklace, and that’s it!

In winter we can also wear necklaces , putting on top of collars and light jackets. Example is a closed shirt with a collar, look beautiful!

Collar with shirt and sweater

Need a more formal look? It looks perfect with a maxxi necklace and a blazer .

Look with necklace and blazer

What is on the rise now is the overlap of necklaces , but this should be a little careful when using and trying to harmonize the pieces. The tip is to try to use them of similar materials in different lengths. If you think you will not hit the overlap, there are options in the market that look like several necklaces, when in fact it is only one.

Necklaces with overlays

Another option of the moment are the choker , the famous ‘coleirinhas’. They look gorgeous with a tank top and jeans, or even the basic dress you have in your wardrobe. It can also be used in the overlays of the collars.

What we should take care of when choosing the look is the earring we are going to wear. Depending on the necklace, you do not even have to. Another care is the blouse. It does not have to be smooth, but notice if it has a lot of information.

The fashion is nothing more than you dare with what you like and feel good!

>> Ana Carolina Lima wrote this post at the invitation of Tudo & Todas.

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