Angry Birds Seasons Is Updated with Moon Festival

If yesterday our colleague Damián García did you echo of the Angry Birds update, today we woke up with another update from Rovio to franchise star, this time with new levels for Angry Birds Seasons, thematic levels of angry birds. This time it’s an update based on a Chinese tradition, the Moon festival, a tradition that began 3000 years ago in the distant Asian country with lanterns, incense and various celebrations being held across the country.

This update brings us 30 new levels overcome decorated in exotic China and in which the valuable golden eggs have been replaced by moon cakes that will unlock us a special level, and a hidden special cake that now is not the way to get it. After testing these levels, it can be said that its like and some are rather difficult to overcome and it will make us lose the productivity that many have to return to work or studies

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