Advantages of Flying a RC Helicopter

Flying a RC helicopter is an exciting, entertaining and satisfying experience. However, to have a flight you can enjoy you need many hours of practice in simulators or live. Considering that, even among fans of model airplanes, it is said that flying helicopters is difficult, why bother to learn how to fly these gadgets?

A demanding and exciting experience

First of all, the experience of flying a rc helicopter is more demanding and complex. It requires a lot of practice to adapt to the control and maneuver the device without crashing. You will have to adapt to change the inclination of the propellers either in collective or cyclic mode to make the ship move in a specific direction, even up or down when making a change in the acceleration of the rotor.
In addition, helicopter pilots have to take the wind into consideration, because while a plane is more aerodynamic, the wind can make it more difficult to control the appliance properly if you are not trained. To successfully fly a RC helicopter you will have to learn to take into account

Wide variety of models

RC helicopters are currently in a wide range of models. You will find them from the larger models, which work with a petrol engine, even the smallest ones that have electric motors. The latter are more economical than the first ones and, thanks to their small dimensions, they can fly both inside and outside the home. The mini models, in this way, can be the first device you can buy to start on the helicopter flight to remote control.
Novice fans of RC airplanes experience some fear of landing, as they can crash the aircraft at this time after a successful flight. The advantage of helicopters is that they are much easier to land, which to the disadvantage of the fans does not mean that these are more difficult to crash. Opportunities to break an aircraft to radio control are never lacking, thanks to the wind or a lack of dexterity in handling the controls.

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