7 Reasons Why the O Figure Type Needs a Magic Coat

Many women with belly breathe again in the autumn. Because they can carry back a third piece of clothing with pants, skirts, tops and dresses at your whim. Especially women with O figure, who have their center of gravity in the middle of the body, benefit from it. As for the O-figure type a Blazer, a long jacket or vest, a kimono or a coat is a real blessing.

In a so-called “magic shell” or even “Couture coat” for the character type of the O is exactly what the name says: he conjures up his Couture elements very quickly a narrower middle. Why this is so, and why you should consider as a woman with a round belly and lush waist to join this magic comes’s in today’s post.

What is a “Magic shell” or “Couture coat”?

A magic cloak is a mantle, which has a kind of character. This means that he is conspicuously colored or patterned, embroidered or made a particularly glamorous material. He often has a simple, unembellished, about knee-length cut, without collar, pockets, buttons or belts. And he has a formative silhouette with much state, which gives the body contour.

He is like a Blazer to wear – only still much more elegant and refined.

Why is a magic coat of just the O figure so well?

The O figure needs long, vertical zones in the middle of the body on the abdomen and waist. Accents should be used down – as far as possible above the lower chest area as well as on the legs – roughly in the area from the middle of the thigh. Therefore, many women wear like very simple, longer, and more dark-colored tops with O figure. Or they create a monochrome, little detailed zone from a pants-top or skirt / top combination below the chest to the middle of the thigh.

And of course, simple dresses in a silhouette matching to the O-type are always a good choice. It is also perfectly fine so.

But what if figure types also wish once more pomp and wealth of detail to the body? Exactly. Then it will be difficult – would have not said Couture – or magic coats. Because they have several advantages, which flatter the O figure:

  1. A magic coat, which will be held in open, adds two long vertical lines that stretch the O figure overall and streamline in the middle of the body. That work also in little women, when the jacket hem above the knee ends…
  2. The exterior silhouette of the magic cloak can – if the cut is slightly waisted–create a waist, where else does. Or the curves there at least straighten when the coat has a straight cut.
  3. It will even more waist-friendly when the magic jacket sleeves are only dreiviertellang – or it has even light trumpet sleeves. Because, such sleeves enhance the impression of a waist length as well as swing.
  4. Because magic coats are worked from a rather stable, non-slip material – for example, Brocade, lace or embroidered materials, they maintain their shape well. Thus, they give more structure the round O figure. The cut of the jacket will decide how this structure looks exactly, of course.
  5. Magic coats are usually quite simply cut and often even cantilever -, knob – and taschenlos. Because of the elaborate fabric needs no other viewpoints. Such fabrics work best as pure processed. This is particularly advantageous for the body Center of O but. Because O women need no ski ski clothes close to the belly.
  6. The decorative elements of the material – it is the striking patterns or a particularly glamorous material – look at the midline of the body outward and away from the Center. This Middle flashing under a magic cloak which is also simple, matt and discreetly kept the eye just glides over the zone boundaries, where the O-wife has her most pads.
  7. This pattern or material of the magic cloak attract more and more attention as a solid-coloured substance including, women can wear even brighter colors on the upper body with O figure – the PADS will hold back is visually compared to the outer layer of clothing.

What can you contribute to the magic cloak?

The magic coat has the potential to make – even jeans and T-Shirt appear immediately noble every outfit. And even a little black.

Best to do this looks a simple outfit from neutral fashion basics. A monochrome top, pants or skirt and top set or a plain, unobtrusive dress range, to give the correct canvas on which he can work the magic cloak. Of course, jeans and a T-Shirt are also an option. Or a narrow pants with loose long blouse. So a magic coat can withstand everything from the casual look up to the cocktail dress simply!

Jewelry and makeup can remain quite subtle – the festive occasion, the more prominently may also jewelry, makeup and fail handbag desire. Speaking of handbag: A clutch to the magic coat looks simply ravishing!

Everything is in there also at the shoes: high heels or loafers – a magic cloak does with everything.

I think you now understand why I wanted to bring this plea for the magic cloak you. If the upcoming festive season once again challenges you with their parties, concert visits, and elegant dinner as a woman with O figure anxious: what should I wear only? Then the simple answer is: it doesn’t matter! Main thing to throw a magic cloak it!

And before I forget: Magic coats can be worn depending on the cut – of course – all figure types. Their effect is always beneficial and about a little tummy , you need then certainly no thoughts to make more.

What do you think of this proposal? You have perhaps already a magic cloak in your fashion repertoire? Or want to pick up a copy? I’m looking forward to your experiences and insights!

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