20s Makeup

Today we will play a makeup of characterization of the “crazy twenties” style. To understand this concept, Let’s delve a little into the society of the time.

For starters, the 1920s, brought a multitude of social changes. It was the time of the resurgence of the first world war and was founded the League of Nations. Falls the Russian Empire to make way for the Soviet Union.

In 1920 occurs the introduction of voting fememino in the United States, as well, women, for the first time actively participates in political decisions.

Appeared the first firms cosmetic as Elizabeth Arden, Helena Rubinstein, Max Factor. According to ehuacom, Coco Chanel launched its first collection of makeup-based bars lips and face powder and its famous Chanel n ° 5.

We find ourselves filled with the industrial revolution and the woman, stops work only at home to go to work out of it. This entails a large independence for the women of the era, which can be seen even in his haircuts and his clothes.

Rigid corsets that oppressed hip and waist and held chest from the bottom disappear and appear first fasteners that hold the breast from above and release the waist area.

Dresses shorten its length and lengthens the position of waists, giving rise to much more straight and billowing figures.

As for the hair, Manes lost for the first time in the history of women, its length and cutting “Garçon” triumphs at the hairdressers.

Film actresses become the benchmark for beauty of the woman of the 1920s. They become authentic icons. But being silent, their make-up and expressions were especially dramatic so they are visible and expressive through the screen.

In terms of makeup, we find pale and clean skins (own wealthy people not working in the field). Eyes framed in black, made up from the Center outward, thus achieving very round eyes and eyelids fallen. Also falls, and very thin eyebrows with straight and downward strokes. Very marked lips in shades of red, Garnet… with the bow of Cupid very marked in the form of heart and corners cut although marked on the ends. So, they got a dramatic and very small mouths. Flush always pink and applied in round in the center of cheeks and go up to cheekbones or temples.

Now let’s go for the demonstration of the characterization of the 1920s that made us Montserrat Jeni Fajardo.

Thanks Silvia for lending as a model on the show. It was gorgeous with this characterization.

Step By Step

-We use tears Derma Wax to cover the eyebrows of the model. We work the product on the back of your hand before applying it and then mood it very well to seal it.

-We apply stick for greater coverage and correction of skin Foundation. In this case mix two shades to achieve a natural but enough pale colored skin. Again we mood very well to fix and seal.

-We delineate the lower eyelid with a black pen. With a line that will start being fine in tear, thicken in the middle of the eyelid and that will strengthen again until you reach the outer end of the eye. We also fill with black pencil bottom water line. Blur the stroke of the pen and sealed with black powder shadow.

-With the same shadow powder black matte finish, we smoke the upper eyelid shaping rounded eye. The highest point of the shading of the upper eyelid because coincidir with the lowest point of the shading of the lower eyelid. This will get a more rounded eye effect yet.

-Delineated Eyelash upper flange flush to swell them but without leaving us natural line or remove tops.

-With a white pencil thin eyebrows we design. We review the design with black eyeliner.The beginning of the drawn eyebrow, should be something above the natural eyebrow and stroke should be straight and down.

-We apply whole false eyelashes on the upper eyelids and on the lower apply a few groups of tabs only in the center of the eyelid. This will finish round the eyes.

-We outlined with a red pencil or Garnet, mouth inside of the natural lip line and cut the corners. We draw the bow of Cupid heart shaped.

-We apply pink blush in the center of the cheeks, round and fade towards the cheekbones or temples.

My model was Laura, and in these images you teach the result of my characterization work with her.

After completion of this characterization of the 1920s, Jeni suggested we transform this makeup in an own cabaret makeup. To do this, we outline the face with a pink blush, emphasis on the top of the forehead, cheekbones and jaw. We apply black glitter on the upper eyelids and a frost on the lips.

Thank you so much Laura, had a very well performing together this double makeup of characterization, years 20/cabaret.

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