Apple SIM, a Good Idea for Tablets That I Hope to See Soon for Android

Although somewhat controversially said in Xataka Android, I think it deserves to comment this article. Apple continues to be the company that best understands the tablet world. They invented the concept and Android has always gone in tow. There was a time when took the tablets of 7 inches, in which Android better understood the needs of users but this has changed since Apple has the iPad Mini.

Yesterday most interesting introduced Apple, at least for me, was the Apple SIM. The concept of SIM blank is not new, although Apple is which has most pushed for it. And I think that its combination with a tablet is a perfect marriage.

SIM blank, what is it?

We are very used to that when we change operator must physically change the SIM card. The concept of SIM blank is different. In this case the SIM card is fixed and the user can change operator using a download OTA.

The major drivers of this system are Apple and one of the largest manufacturers of the world, Gemalto SIMs. And the possibilities are very interesting, as for example the immediate portability.

In fact in the Netherlands already operates this concept and now Apple brings it to United States and United Kingdom, probably to extend it to other countries soon.

Is it a very good concept for tablets?

The key of blank SIM is tablets. In mobile phones makes sense, I do not deny, but not both. The tablets are a product that many people uses at home and sporadically out of it. Why most of the tablets sold are only with Wifi (also the price influences, obvious).

But what if at any time you may activate a data rate for a few days? It would be perfect for travel or when there is much activity away from home. Very few people are encouraged to buy a SIM card prepaid and be checking if there are balance or if it has expired because the last time that was used was a year ago. And Wiggles to have a monthly fixed cost for something that is not commonly used.

Therefore have a SIM in white within a tablet and activate a tariff for days is perfect. Also when traveling abroad, since a rate of local operator for the duration of the stay could activate directly from the first available open Wifi or even before leaving home.

Will it boost the sale of tablets with data?

Although the concept seems perfect to me another question is if it will be successful. Ultimately the tablets are in the doldrums and many may prefer to have a Wifi tablet (cheaper) and pull with mobile Wi-Fi zone.

But some momentum to the tablets with data has to give, and more impulse will have many more countries to join this concept of open an application of the tablet and choose operator.

I sincerely believe that it is a concept that should be universalized and standardized and I’d like to see it also in Android. As I do not think that apply much, apart from the comfort of make portability or have data roaming, but tablets is a very smart concept for mobile.

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