VidOn Box in the Test

With their software developed specifically for the media call the VidOn box brings all conceivable videos over the home network on the flat-screen TV – and much more, thanks to the Android operating system and XBMC software. We have the Android TV box in the test.

There are many more or less smart Android TV boxes, but the VidOn box of the same Chinese company offers more than just a TV adaptation of the Smartphone and Tablet operating system by Google. XBMC is the core piece of the device that is to have more recently about various online retailers for around 90 euros. Behind that an open source media center software that originally made the Microsoft Xbox to the Media Center – that stands for the shortcut.

There are now XBMC for all types of computers from the PC to the rasberry PI – and it is for Android. VidOn has adapted for his box XBMC and so offered it as a universal Media Center. The software is however subject to charge: the use per year costs 15 dollars, the first year there with a voucher code is free.

Powerful hardware

In the box expects a cortex-A7-quad-core processor, which uses 1 gigabyte memory. A graphics processor and 8 GB memory complete the equipment. You are looking for a slot for memory cards in vain, for it, up to eight peripheral devices can be connected – also hard drives via USB.

Thus, the box that runs the Android system, 4.2.2, is well stocked. The hardware but not great differs from other Android boxes that less important since the introduction of the TV sticks Google Chromecast on top of that. This should not apply to the VidOn-box because their talents begin where Chromecast removes the sails.

In the XBMC Media Center it will bring everything on the TV screen, movie buffs, amateur photographer and music collector stored in its digital archives. The menu, which automatically starts after booting, is arranged according to these categories and collects all media content on the network.

While the streaming client not only commercially available DLNA or UPnP Media Server queries, as it does nearly every DVD or Blu-ray player. He also directly accesses shared network drives. Advantage: Instead of having to subordinate themselves sorting and structure of the DLNA server, you can get so his data, as they store on their hard drive.

Since there is no auto-generated sort criteria for film prints in contrast to the music, this method is handy here. The polling and streaming work on top of that very quickly in the test. The DLNA access is first choice for music. Here, the Media Server helps with his sort by album, genre or artist.

Really plays all formats

The box but especially in the streaming video offered first-class talents.She played simply everything that had the media server in stock – no matter whether DVD and Blu-ray copies as ISO files, MKV videos with all possible video and audio codecs, TV recordings of services like or receiver drives in the practice test. In short, There were no failures.

Noteworthy: ISO files copied DVDs or Blu-ray discs the box crossed himself quickly and similar sovereign as a Blu-ray player by main -, audio and subtitle menus. When playing, she forwarded also high-resolution home theater sound formats Dolby True HD and DTS HD via HDMI socket to suitable AV receiver in addition to the standard HD resolutions. And finally video streams settled with the image forward or rewind – this is when the network streaming actually everything else for granted.

In addition to the XBMC menus, the TV set top box offers an Android menu, launching over the home button on the remote control. There can be adjustments, but call also Android apps. The navigation in the play store and most apps worked but not by remote control, but only via a USB mouse. Many apps running on the box also incorrectly: commercial online movie stores such as Netflix or Watchever about start though, but video streaming does not work.

TV libraries could mind control with the mouse. Their use as Android apps is however usually not necessary: in addition to the video streaming on your home network, the XBMC menus offer their own apps for video, audio and photo online services, which can be easily command by remote control in the XBMC menu structure. If the operation works: In the test box to navigate and especially during the Videos treamings there and back a little break, in which allowed himself not or only delayed responded to commands.


However, the VidOn box is a real highlight – if you look at them not as universal – Android-box, but as a pure Media Center.


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