Technics SU C700 in the Test

The technics SU C700, a digital amplifier, proves to be real piece of jewelry, where one would expect a higher price in the test.

First impression on the technics SU C700: wrong movie? We expect a power amplifier for 10,000 euros, but not in an integrated amplifier for 1300 Euro so beautiful power hand tools. The nice simple front in aluminium and acrylic looks even more for high-end. And strongly reminiscent of the acclaimed us Technics plant SU R 1, which won the support of not only because of its massive appearance, but due to new technology.

Weight – 17 compared to around 8 kilos – not quite comparable, the SU would like to now offer comparable sophistication C 700. In terms of input options even more. In addition to a Hochpegel-In, whose sensitivity can be lowered when needed by 6 decibels, there is indeed still a phono input – with a pre-pre-electronics, which is lavishly housed in a shielding box.

The main focus laid Technics but to the digital inputs, on the optical, on no less than three coaxial and on the USB interface. Even the most exciting DSD flows in May the latter take on virtually any extensive PCM signals signals via USB-B.

And anyway, to avoid any jitter Wackeleien, the technics gives them a new, ultra-high-precision clock. The engineers have considered – they included also their mathematical measures against noise – amplifier processor living room, in which all the data finally arrive, with the name “Medy” (jitter elimination and noise shaping optimization).

Finally, a complex correction of the output always evaluates guided back signals. That’s not surprised that the SU sounded surprisingly fine drawing C 700 – with digital as well as analog sources -. Agree, he helps to the bright, prosperous and agile vivacity quickly that sparkling piano runs or the Tame Percussion Cymbals.

Happen that the small Technics can make use of an automatic R 1 as the large SU, can iron out Load fluctuation frequency response failures. And Yes, after activated the SU sounded C 700 in a series of boxes still civil, yet quiet and sonorer.

Derlei worked with the CD but only until, for example, Brad Mehldau and Mark Guiliana “Taming the Dragon” were electronic outrageous. Then wobbled and crunched the SU C 700 already. But there is so great!

Technology highlights

Digital processing, corrections made, which must be developers from switching amplifiers are going to first of all times endeavor that the power stage switching distortion does not ruin the good sound. It often Rough comes forth at the very high currents and inevitable switching time error, the ultra-modern gallium nitride transistors using Technics, promise a real improvement.

The new semiconductor allowed – while older already in the spin come – the switching frequency to increase from the usual 400 to 500 kilohertz to hard-line 768. Because thus won a greater distance to the subdue, the inevitable output filter could be interpreted (otherwise the amplifier acts along the way like a medium-wave transmitter) softer and therefore sound friendly.


On top of that, still the LAPC function (low adaptive phase calibration) provides the new Technics amplifiers. In the laboratory the SU C 700 joined promptly the evidence, that the automatic system works. The height drop, which otherwise is operating at low load impedances and criticized the box on the previous page, had actually disappeared. Works only for the gentle, predictable roll-offs.


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