Technics ST C700 in the Test

The technics ST-C700 is an affordable HiRes network player that in the test shows that he can quite compete with more expensive competitors.

With 900 euros, the network player Technics ST-C700 is a particularly attractive offer. Especially since he – unlike his 6100 euro more expensive counterpart SU-R1 – no proprietary digital line with his amplifier is connected and thus also on amps of other brands could play similar. He scores visually with the uncluttered, all matching Technics design and is a true data Octopus, which can be fed on a wide variety of roads with digital music.

The air bridge via Bluetooth and AirPlay as well as a separate front side USB port available, which by the way also power-greedy iPads can refuel with two amps voltage available for mobile devices. The PC can dock at the rear, of course asynchronous USB input and transmitted also high-resolution files – PCM up to 192 kHz and 32 bit, DSD with up to 5,6Mhz sampling frequency. Even an antenna connection, as well as the matching tuner module for FM and DAB are found in the ST C700, unfortunately probably substitute intended for the missing Internet radio connection.

Refraining from Wi-FI, however, can be more quickly get over themselves, finally, already enough devices cavort in the wireless network. Especially since the technics player via LAN of also HiRes accepted. Flacs, WAVs, and AIFF files can MHz sampling frequency with sampling rates up to 192 kHz, 24-bit, DSD files with up to 5.6 arrive. They send this precious cargo of data then but rather on the faster and secure way via an Ethernet cable.

All of the network work assumes a BridgeCo modules-based module in the technics player. And find the same characteristics when operating in the ST-C700. So the free must “Technics Music App” at the technics mandatory on the Smartphone actively, the player should really work out the previously so effortlessly created play list.

And here too the handle is of no use to the remote control – unless you want to create a new playlist on the small, three-line device display. Otherwise, the app is beautifully made and almost playful about the iPad interface to use — including cover art display and selection of albums and titles using drag’n ‘ drop.

Whether now app or remote control controls the technics by the network, can be read easily by the way on three letters: DMR (digital media renderer) emblazoned on the screen, the player is only orders – manage and store the app takes over. LAN is, however, as a shorthand, the player is active, can be controlled via the own remote control and plays perfectly, and gladly also gapless from the front to rear selected albums.

For the further treatment of the music signals, the technics ST-C700 must rely on some exquisite tweaks from the large SU-R1. Avid checkers such as MICA capacitors or common mode filter wake already if you are arriving via LAN and USB illegally towed noise. To think a virtual battery operation, is designed to reduce noise of the own power supply the developers gave also the little player. And of course also Sampling rate converter, as well as the own technics of oversampling filter available. The Burr-Brown PCM1795 is incidentally used as a converter.

Much like the Denon also the technics at the hearing test distinguished himself by a fine, precise performance. Compared with the much more expensive and probably unique Linn sneaky DS class the Scot prevailed, and significant in the spatial figure though – the technics put together instruments and voices rather something superficially and narrower in the room-, however the Japanese in terms of resolution could keep surprisingly well: sheets scratched authentic about the fiddle strings, voices kept always its own , distinctive characteristic. Soft sinks the Japanese kept nothing and that recommends him as sound strong and solid network player.

Measuring laboratory

The Technis player can burn anything in the lab: frequency response as with the ruler moved and in the noise deeper among distortion. The impressive jitter of 152ps network. 112dB respectively at 192 kHz/24 bit 117dB is also the noise of the analog outputs in the record-setting field.Output 2.2 volts, output resistance 712?. In standby mode, it consumes 0.3 Watts in operation 8.2 Watts.


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