Technics SB-C700 in the Test

With the compact box SB-C700 offers the Japanese Hi-Fi legend for around 1300 euros of all Hi-Fi a-car and an exciting solution. We have tested the compact boxes.

Technics fitted the perfectly processed, with 34 centimetres easily placeable Bookshelf speaker with a coax chassis and thus follows the longed-for ideal point sound source. The coax uses no cone but a flat membrane in 16 format, which is built as a sandwich construction: consist of carbon fibre surface and back, while a middle-class made of aluminium with many small, honeycomb-like Chambers holds everything together.

A powerful double magnet, a short voice coil and a die-cast basket stuck in the drive – all optimized to make the kill resonances. In the Centre of the flat membrane Technics is a dome made of aluminium. A compact, but very strong neodymium magnet provides the necessary power.

Last but not least: The curved side panels and also curved front baffle can not even standing waves; the up to 42 mm thick side panels lend a high stiffness and low resonance, the construction also what is also noticeable in the laboratory. But particularly in the room knew to convince the Japanese: in the best coax manner she contributed directly, without intruding uncomfortable.

Just like a good monitor to do it. Voices were powerful and brims with colours and nuances. The small Technics easily translated details. Even coarse dynamic was impressed by the SB C700 layers bass strong, up in the deepest precisely and played it maintained its informal character.

Measuring laboratory

On axis measured up to 20 kHz basically linear frequency response. Side, the high-frequency early falls 30 degrees from about 10 kHz easily from (1). The waterfall spectrum shows himself up on slight resonances in the deep bass unobtrusive (o. figure). The distortion amplitude measurement shows only negligible 95dB distortion (2), which but from 100 dB is stronger and even then is harmoniously distributed.

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