MAGNAT MA 1000 in the Test

The usual Blackbox magnate MA 1000 would be without two round “Windows”. But behind his glass curtains, the German integrated amplifier in the test spread cosy warmth that arises from two tubes of the type ECC82.

You 1000 sure not wrong MA the magnate, if one classifies the intentions behind this amplifier as “audiophile standard”. A solid, affordable, good-sounding amp with enough connectivity is required and – HiFi fans have always an eye – convincing material usage, so high-quality components.

The Tycoon with links meets such requirements: he offers a strong power supply – at least 40,000 micro Farad capacity – and a thick toroidal power transformer, its signal switching sound gently based on Reed relays, his aluminum housing not rattles and contains an eight millimeter front panel.

He has an Alps Motor Paws ziometer, provides more than 100 watts per channel on the legs and has a discrete power amplifier with superb power transistors Toshiba. Thus one could classify the MA 1000 under many different, yet to do so as always black-colored integrated amplifiers. But that would be a mistake. Because MA 1000 deserves to be heard extensively.


He waits with at least two features that lift it out from the crowd: the one he uses tubes in its entry level. These he also proudly shows her using two round Windows, supported by some background lighting, what we of course not hold on him. The two double triode ECC82 type sit here in gold frames, and be used in its own domain: as a voltage amplifier.

Both tubes are produced in Russian factory (what in the eyes of connoisseurs of tube a quality characteristic represents) and have been carefully selected. This selection will take place only if the glasses have already 60 hours of run under their belt and are “burned”.


On the other hand the magnate can await you while with a built-in DAC, nor with streaming capabilities, but with two phono inputs.


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