Linn Box Exactly in the Test

The Linn exactly box proves to be fully digital, pre-programmed crossover in the test. She brings perfect time accuracy, correct room acoustic problems and streams without loss. The idea to enable passive boxes, is old. Linn’s new approach, however, is revolutionary

The most fully digital active concepts, similar to that seen by Linn, B & M, and Prime Meridian, are mostly proprietary systems: one buys the entire chain, streams lossless up in the box, ready… You can re-use the old components of his classic HiFi system (except the CD player reduced to the data providers maybe), nor is the system itself anything replace, enhance, or tune.

What the pure music handset Freud’, is the high-Ender, who like to step improved his conditioning, exchanging individual components and ultimately a horror rises to the Sonic Bliss,. This philosophical shortcoming of the sublime technically and sonically beyond any doubt digital chain exactly Akubarik you must have – recognized also in Glasgow and mused on a solution to the problem. That is called Linn ExaktBox, looks from the front unimpressive as a power amplifier.

The concept can be explained not by a set: purely formally refers to a fully digital electronic DSP crossover, which exclusively from the well-known digital-streamer/preamplifier exactly exactly link gets its high-definition signals DSM regarding the proprietary, especially jitter-and loss-free Protocol and still at the digital level in either up to two times five ways to split.

But then stay for the chassis perfectly filtered and processed signals in the proprietary Linn system available via XLR or RCA line output on any combination of power amplifiers available. Pluggable filter modules, customizable control or manual settings, because with the in-house software Linn control the whole crossover of a certain type of boxes at the digital level is emulated and loaded into the exact box.

Actively replaced passive

There she performs not only the former tasks of the passive filter, which bypassed (for Linn speakers per plug) or removed from the box must be for this purpose (at foreign factories with built-in switch). Thus the thus digitally enabled chain benefits not only from the more accurate and lossless filter of digital signal processors (DSPs), it also time and frequency response error of each driver can be corrected carefully, what even at four – or five-way constructions with bass reflex, as they are not uncommon in Linn, leads to an absolutely perfect timing in all frequency ranges.

In addition, frequency response error and the smallest deviations between left and right box can be corrected if the measurement of the individual chassis or the box at the Linn plant. A thus improved equality of pair of can significantly improve the stereo imaging, spatial and accuracy. That a this enabled chain about the direct control of every branch of power amplifier on the respective chassis or avoiding Constrainers of passive components, also benefits from the “normal” active advantages, is almost obvious.

When choosing the power amplifiers of the future active Linn-user is also completely free, there must be enough channels available, and all power amplifiers should exhibit if not already identical, same amplifier factor. In the hotel’s own portfolio are fortunately in addition to two-CD four – and six-channel models, making the combination of such a plant open.

A different sound world

stereoplay heard the combination tested already 2011 as analog active version of the four-way box Majik Isobarik and ever a four channel amplifier Majik 4100 per page. The Isobarik profited with their stresses hot rolling vote (which like everyone), then only in certain areas by activating analog. Slightly higher resolution and a better release of the sound quality from the speakers at the time quoted the testers, but just no sound revolution. She was, however, with the digital activation in addition to full Equalization of frequency and timing in the House; the room correction remained anyway almost unnecessary in the stereoplay listening room, first off,).

When Leonard Cohens “Songs From The Road” it was indeed as a completely different box played here: the overly cosy character, which already once easily diffuse Softened details and musical attack, was blown away. The Isobarik scored with a transparent, monitorhaft high resolution picture, without losing their silky basic qualities. The stage, shown previously rather hint in the width, appeared still holographically projected in all three spatial dimensions and left speechless Tester especially if their most accurate positioning of the voice in the depth. Heard before approaches of the four way Division, all frequency ranges, just voices and tone, such as from a homogeneous piece – appeared quite now when an otherwise healthy wide bands played here.

Still, a quad-wiring terminal alone is not enough for a full activation. The internal crossover must be fully realized, which is easily possible for years on all Linn models per socket. Caution: Remove the jumper, always and never confuse the channels for tweeter and Woofer!

How important is the timing correction, is disabling software to understand: without time – and a chassis adjustment, the ultimate transparent, closed impression of enabled Isobarik remained although, but bass toned not more so to the point. Also at the perfectly homogeneous spatial had to make more light smears in the direction of Laisserfaire.

So any corrections be reactivated: Otis Taylors “cold at midnight” came with a driving rhythm and his perfectly timed interjections of guitar and trumpet the Isobarik to the triumphal procession: still no box had combines harmoniously perfect impulse, bone-dry bass and relaxing softness like this extraordinary necklace. A beacon for the active technique, which can make also passive fans happy!

Crossover networks software

Technically, every crossover you can emulate – it must be measured only at the plant in Linn and its counterpart stored digitally. At the beginning, this is the case for many current and historical Linn’s: about Komri, passive Akubarik, speling, Celtic, Espek, Majik 140 and Isobarik. For demo purposes, there’s also a soft preset for the B & W Nautilus snail, more popular models from third-party manufacturers are in preparation.

Setup and room correction via PC

The Setup for crossover and room correction can be done with the hotel’s own Linn control software. As soon as the source, here the exactly DSM and the crossover exakt-box as a target device detected are, the types of boxes from the selection of the speaker measured by the work can be defined. The target curve for all frequency crossover filters are loaded then, the occupancy plan of crossovers outputs is displayed graphically (by two to five everything is possible ways). It’s a Linn model, even the individual measurements of the chassis can be considered via entering the serial number, what enables an automatic correction by frequency response crossover frequencies and timing in addition to the emulated filters.

Then you can define which box is the left and which the right, and already it can time the and go frequency speed-corrected music enjoyment. In theory, because in practice, you should use even the existing room correction, which works as well as in the complete chain exactly Akubarik: is there room dimensions length, height and width as well as the distances of boxes / listener positions to the rear and side wall.

Then, the system calculates an idealized correction curve of room modes, sound addition on the wall and other effects are taken into account. A measurement is not necessary; how much the correction curve effect, can be regulated, what damped just with better prevents a parent control rooms or those with lightweight walls. In addition, half-parametric shelve filters allow an adjustment of the tonal character to the room acoustics.


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