Ionik TW Series I 10.1 Bundle in the Test

Ioniks first Windows Tablet TW series 1 10.1 boasts an excellent endurance. Display and memory, but significant weaknesses evident in the test.

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The Android tablet Ionik TP7. 85 surprised the test with an all-round viewing angle-stable, bright and high-contrast display, weighed nothing and came to the hammer price of €169 over the counter. Eagerly we were on Ioniks first Windows Tablet TW series 1 10.1.

Complete package

In prima facie the Ionik TW series is 1 10.1 bundle a successful throw: for the price of 219 euro there are personnel not only the annual subscription for Office 365 at Ionik, but also a cover, the cover, stand and keyboard in an accessory combines. A magnetic connector brings together precisely Tablet and case and eliminates the need for the usual Bluetooth connection.

For use on the thighs, the connection but to quickly loses contact. On straight surfaces, the buttons can be easy to operate, even if the keypad is narrower than a standard keyboard. The mouse keys deposed by the little touchpad provide a noticeable pressure point.

Excellent runtime

The facilities of the TW series is 1 10.1 mau: a plus is no modem, no GPS, only the mini-HDMI output. So that instead of the supplied mains plug not the existing micro-USB connector is used to load, the Windows Tablet by Ionik is not alone.

After all, a ray of hope is evident with battery and consumption: self, using the keyboard, it brings the TW series 1 10.1 single connect use mix on a very good stamina by seven and a half hours, without a keyboard even on outstanding eight hours and 40 minutes.

Unacceptable storage

A memory card slot is present, but vulnerable and limited to cards up to 32 gigabytes maximum. Against the background of the immense volume, which granted Microsoft about the cloud one drive, that’s all right. The minimalist internal memory is the larger problem: just whose gross volume is 16 gigabytes, net, the user has left only about 5.5 gigabytes for your own data.

It makes use – for the relevant 32-bit version on top of the included Office 365 personal subscription the Ionik-tab with just 1 gigabyte meets memory just the minimum requirement – remains little more than 1 gigabyte.

Even makes the case no good and gives with quiet Clunk when slight pressure against the back. Incomprehensible too, why the stereo speakers at a 10-incher, the size of which meets most manufacturers for a meaningful distribution, with only five centimetres distance to each other sitting on the same side, so that the also tinny sound landscape right seems to come.

Not optimally presents also the virtual keyboard, which uses less than 18 of possible 22 cm width of the screen in landscape mode.

Conclusion: not to recommend

The de facto non-existent user memory and the final look at the poor result at the display make impossible a recommendation of Ionik-Windows-tabs. In sum, the little flattering single values are fined only by the excellent endurance. Why Ionik so has put the red pen in his first Windows tab, is not comprehensible and a shame.


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