Winter Fishing In May

With the arrival of winter, feel warm stay home waiting to get back the good weather. It is an ideal material to prepare, strategize or just dream about next season period. But do not forget that in winter you can also go fishing and find fish, especially the coup. Unlike predators, white fish can be caught all year, even at low temperatures.

Today we give you a few easy and effective tips to keep you fishing in the best conditions this season.

TIP # 1 / BROWSE warm water

When you go fishing in the coup in cold weather, looking warm water or areas with warmer water of the site (lake, reservoir, affluent). This is the key to finding good fishing in winter.

If you fish in ponds or lakes, searching the shallows, as the shore, where fish are concentrated. Choose areas with higher density of fish to increase the number of bites of the session. Instead, avoid areas where little bite in summer.

# L’astuce Caperlan

Put systematically the sun! If you are looking for the sunniest place, you’ll be on the sunniest shore where the water temperature is milder. In addition, the sun also heat you.


If you fish in canals and rivers, come closer to areas with more urban density. It is the place where the water is usually warmer. The center of a population can become a very good since the coup fishing. It is also a good time to fish from the many artificial positions of ports and ships.

You should know that in port areas with a high density of white fish, you are not alone “predator” … sure also you find predators such as perch or pike. It can be a great idea to provide a reed for these guests “surprise”.



Forecast stable with mild temperatures for several days presents ideal conditions for fishing. Do you know that the water temperature changes more slowly than air? The day after a drop in temperatures, still find fish. Instead, the next day you will have more chances of returning empty-handed.

The water temperature should be greater than 3 ° C for white fish (bleak, roach, escardinios) continue biting. Knowing the weather forecast will help you identify the best place for fishing


In winter, there is no need to get up before the sun to go fishing.

At low temperatures without the sun’s heat, the fish are not active at this time of the day for snacks. Take advantage of the peculiarities of this season to prepare well in the morning and arrive fresh and rested late in the morning. The best times are between 11 h and 16 h, when the ambient temperature is higher. It is also the time when the sun is beating down and in winter, a few rays of sun may well targeted enough to get a good fishing …

If the wind picks up during the session, do not postpone your departure for another day. Position yourself so that the wind will come from behind. The wind increases rapidly prevent cold feeling and help you easily throw line. The cold north winds can complicate a fishing trip, while warm southerly winds hereby establish a climate favorable for fishing.



This period is ideal to move with little material.

For bait, for example, with a bag of 2kg will be enough to fish the entire session. No need to carry large pails to keep the bait. One 12 liter have enough.

In winter, the fish eat less and the “massive” as effective in summer, priming is not suitable. Simply repeat often priming “memory” that is, regularly baiting with small amounts of bait. With this technique you can get very good results in winter especially bleak fishing on the shore. To complete the priming, you can use a powder additive, feeding less and is more effective in this season.

telescopic rod with a length of 4 to 6 meters is perfect for fishing on the shore, where the fish are hiding. If you have a long pole plug uses only the last 3-4 meters and switches to the version of 11 or 13 m if the activity awakens more inward. Think about carrying a roller for plug for comfort.

To settle, pick a basket-seat easy to transport and place without forgetting the essential accessories ( rejoncillo, rags, mounted lines, bait boxes ).



If you are well protected, although the cold is intense, you can fish and enjoy sitting by the water.

Body extremities (hands, head, feet) are very sensitive to cold, so we recommend using hat and gloves. Since the hands have to be in contact with cold water (to catch the fish, measure the temperature of the water and rinse the material) should pay particular attention.

# L’astuce Caperlan

Caperlan #Truco

Use two rags to better protect your hands from moisture. The first to clean (after hitting the wet bait, for example) and the second to dry them perfectly.

A set of jacket and pants warm will be your best ally, especially if you plan to spend several hours by the water. If you start to sweat, take off a layer of clothing.

If wind rises and threatens the development of the session, an umbrella fishing tilted to one side along the post will effectively protect inopportune spurts.

As you can see, to catch the coup in winter, you should always seek the maximum “heat” for both fish and fisherman ye be active. Follow these tips to enjoy fishing and fish in the coldest months.


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