Safety Footwear

Who in the past few weeks, months, years sometimes must dig a ditch? Honestly, I could at any rate not remember whether and when the last had done. Now it had to be done, however, and I have specialist me because sometimes loose flaky made with my Merrell sneakers to work.

Two days later, forced break was then once announced. Soles and heels have come together spontaneously for a general strike. Total refusal to work was the result. Then went nothing more. Pain you’re at Standing, occurrence or running. In retrospect, that was a completely clear thing, but now I have made time to be totally clueless Amateurbuddler very mistake to make all probably Amateurbuddler initially: wrong shoes.

This mistake I make sure only one time! The sole of my sneaker was just too soft and totally unsuitable for such work. My feet were not enough Having no proper maintenance, the heel is not adequately protected, the foot. All this with not just the usual stability and operating positions. The consequences actually foreseeable.


Now I call a pair of working and safety shoes my own. On the recommendation for maternity shoes, Harvardshoes has theCaterpillar Formation Hi CT S1P concerned and this for a few days in operation.

Powerful great was the first impression. Heavy, thick shoes in which you have to learn to walk again. The Caterpillar Formation Hi CT S1P really at first glance quite menacing.

-Upper: nubuck / mesh
-Lining: Nylon mesh
-Insole: Removable EVA
-reinforced toecap (NO steel cap)
-Rubber outsole (SRX = Slip Resistance Extreme)

At first I did the shoes a day in between for 1-2 hour or so to get used worn my feet on the weight. Meanwhile it is, and also with running it from job to job getting better.

It is a completely different feeling to work, in fact, in such shoes. It stands firmly and securely and reinforced sole protects the foot even after prolonged Spatentreterei. Priced is  Caterpillar Formation Hi CT S1P settled in slightly higher price segment and currentlyfrom 65, – EUR to have (as of 02/2016).

All in all, a purchase that I do not regret after the first work assignments. And Chapeau at this point to all the must perform every day such work.

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