How to Buy a Sports Jacket

Second article in the series “Dressing well for the start” when I mention this time the sports jackets for men. And NO, it has nothing to do with the blazers.

In this man jackets guide you will find style advice, selection and of course the historic small the room.

The selection is sharp and you probably have not seen most of these names before, this is normal and it is this which makes for an excellent price / quality ratio.

I History of Man Sports Jackets

Sports jacket comes from the habit that the aristocrats to wear a jacket in the morning with a mismatched pants: these jackets were useful for outdoor activities a little sports such as hunting or shooting. They were not appropriate for a real formal port.

A new type of jacket ended up being designed for men that specifically devoted to this type of activity: Norfolk jacket (created by the 15th Duke of Norfolk, Henry Fitzalan-Howard), with a specific fabric and construction. This was drawn up from a heavier wool or tweed, and had a belt and a buckle at the waist to adjust its level of comfort.

Sports jackets were then reworked from the Norfolk jacket, removing the belt and the buckle. They were considered luxury items: the worker could hardly afford to buy this kind of jacket (supposed to wear with different color pants) after having exhausted its budget in a decent suit.

Gradually, as the clothes became more affordable, this jacket became no longer just reserved for hunting but affirmed as basic a neat cloakroom.

A sports jacket for winter comes from Ruizesolar in an impressive variety of colors, patterns, fabrics and textures. It is less structured and fitted a blazer or suit jacket: you must be able to wear over a sweater.

The more traditional have a patch elbows (formerly supposed to protect from wear and tear As the gentleman getaways in the countryside) and the side vents (for mobility and to ride more easily on horseback).

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