How Much for Garden Lighting

With the onset of spring and good weather more often we think it’s time to do a thorough cleaning and freshening our yard or garden.

In today’s article will give you some ideas for garden lighting that will bring a new style to your garden and will charm your guests.
LED searchlight pegs Fasandno lighting – price 29,90lv
Izkyulchitelno practical you can deploy them around the facade of vashyat home and give it kind of an ancient castle surrounded by light.
LED spots alleys – price 29,90lv: dug in the final of the alleys thereby effectively trace them in the dark
LED Spots for fountains and fountains – price 29,90lv: beautiful lighting for your fountains and fountains with them will bathe in light water jets. All three models are fully waterproof powered at 12 volts and are safe for outdoor use.
RGB Solar lights – price 49,90lv: This is the hit of this season – RGB solar lamps can light up in white as ordinary solar lamps but also can blend smoothly from color to color and will make your night garden fairy pageant of colors. Massive their luxurious stainless steel body does have a chic element to your garden decorated.
The solar lamps are energy independent they are loaded from sunlight and with the onset of night including yourself. Suitable for places in your garden where you can not access moderate electricity.

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