Tag Heuer Smartwatch is the Talk of Baselworld

Yesterday the company TAG Heuer, Intel and Google officially announced the launch of their cooperation in the field of smart watches. In other words, the three organizations have agreed together to make a smart watch that will be based on Intel’s hardware and operating system Android Wear. Surely a significant contribution is expected from TAG Heuer – Swiss manufacturer of watches, which is part of the world’s largest holding company for the production of luxury goods LVMH (Mo√ęt Hennessy – Louis Vuitton SA).

For Google, this cooperation is an important step to success, since virtually Internet giant for the first time managed to negotiate with traditional water resistant smart watches manufacturer for the use of its specialized operating system Android Wear. Moreover, collaboration with TAG Heuer open for Google and road to other luxury brands LVMH, as Hublot and Zenith.

The agreement is a milestone for the corporation Intel, which, as you remember, earlier this year introduced its miniature module Intel’s Curie , intended for use particularly in portable “smart” devices.

According to the analytical agency Strategy Analytics, this year the number of smart watches market will increase from 4.6 million to 28.1 million. According to experts, about 55% of this segment will be occupied by Apple with its smart watch model. This forecast is certainly not suit neither Google, nor both Intel and TAG Heuer, meanwhile explains their desire to conclude an alliance.

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