Spring Summer Makeup Trends 2016

It’s always like this, every new season, field bets of the main designers of the world, are the so-called trends, some catch, while others do not come out of the walkways.

Well, the spring or summer 2016 Edition of Milan fashion week brought a lot of betting super different makeup next season.

Certainly, on the catwalks it’s all over, just to draw attention to what they want, so we saw the eyes of the models loaded with colorful graphics and outlined.

And more bold and colorful, believe me, they all had the same vibe, colorful! In my eyes a lot of color, while, most bet on nude mouth – no lipstick, no balm or anything.

Sketchy Colorful

The sketchy colorful drew attention, stealing the scene in the parade of Jonathan Saunders. To mimic, is only an outlined on waterline with a colored mascara.

Arguably, this make has everything to take, as it is the face of summer suits productions for events during the day.

Colorful Blur

The Missoni dared, but the result was pretty cool. She brought a colored shadow applied casually, as if it had been applied with Pat of the fingertips.


The Anteprima also dared to and it was really cool, parading his models with a DAB of color in the eye. In fact, a DAB of a subtle blue in the inner corner of the eyes, with the intensity of the color only in the center of the brush stroke.

The result has a watercolor effect, did the color doesn’t get the appearance blockade. This make the Cilia don’t gain prominence, it is possible to achieve this result only with brown or colorless mascara.

Space Chart

Meanwhile, Leitmotiv brought your models using a silver shadow blockade and geometric, and as in his other parades, the eyelashes and mouth were raw.

To imitate this look, the trick is to use the wet brush to get a silver.

Dramatic Kitten

Already, Paul Costelloe decided to bet on good kitty, only more dramatic, beyond the low water line, won the concave smudges.

The look was completed with the contour of the face sharp and colorless lip gloss. Perfect for any occasion that requires a make more dramatic.

And then, do you think any of these makes will pick up here in the summer 2016?

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