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Anyone who says that organizing is my number one passion was wrong. Has a that he’s storming out in front, and a lot of people share the same feeling. This passion is travel. I’ve never been very picky about their destination, simply put the feet out and be happy. This mania of get butt with anyone who offered me a date for an adventure, I have accumulated a certain amount of experience in time to prepare the bags, plan, organize the transport budget and survive the hostels and shared rooms.

At the moment you are reading this post, I’ll probably be at Disney, enjoying the most magical place in the world and thinking about how I can make the next season to be even more peaceful and smooth. But Ana, you’re already thinking about next season? Of course! And still I decided to create a series of posts to help them organize travelling too!

In this series, we’ll talk about how to get organized in the hotel room, shopping, sidewalks, on budget and, of course, at the time of packing. The posts will coming out slowly, with Youtube videos and many pictures! Feel free to adopt the tips, enjoy and share with all travelers packed.

Come travel with me!

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