Meet the Cycles Project: Pedaling for Latin America

The cycles project is a trip that we will start on March 24, 2015; A journey of learning and self-knowledge for Latin America by Eduardo Galeano, Che Guevara, the Atacama desert, Lake Titicaca, Andean civilizations, indigenous tropical forests, rich natural resources, ancestral cultures and abysmal inequalities.

It’s cycles because it’s the bike that will take us; Is cycles because we will recover the perception of natural cycles by us, human beings, through the sharing of experiences and experiences in sustainable sanitation, composting, organic planting and natural food. Where we pass, we will offer courses, lectures and any kind of exchange on these topics.

The project fits into the Latin American reality, where there are 100 million people without access to basic sanitation, the equivalent of half the population of Brazil. It is divided into three stages and will be carried out in a period of 1.5 to 4.5 years, passing through 17 of the 22 Latin American countries, from Ourinhos-SP (the birthplace of cyclists who have toured South America and the world By bicycle) to Mexico.

In this route, will be 18 thousand kilometers, pedaling by reliefs that go from the level of the sea up to 4,000 meters of altitude, in the Andes. During the course, it is intended to sensitize 500 to 1500 people regarding the cycles of natural nutrients, knowing at least 17 permaculture centers and disseminating on this site the experiences obtained.

After the conclusion, it is expected to write a book to share the experiences and stories of Projeto Ciclos.

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