Hermes Scarves Website

In the age of internet, Ipod, technological innovation in short, being in step with the times is essential to survival in the market, especially if the market in question is overcrowded fashion. No matter if we talk about blasonatissime maison, those who do not update in danger of becoming obsolete. Fashion companies, even the most important, are realizing the importance of ‘interaction with the customer immediate, and more and more frequent are the initiatives to involve the people of the internet. Streaming Shows and Special Events live web are just some of the initiatives launched by the big brands in the fashion industry.

Burberry few months ago launched a website dedicated to its best outcome, the trench, with the intent to create a community of fans, Hermès now offers a similar initiative.

And ‘he born ” J’aime mon carré” a website that vintageinconfidential has dedicated to its famous scarves. Seven girls, Anna, Courtney, Tracy, Harley, Ella, U and Kozue and four different cities Paris, London, New York and Tokyo, tell the infinite potential of the beautiful scarves fashion house. Tied to his forehead like a flower child story, leading the “pirate” to close a braid, or more simply placed around the neck, who had never thought of the scarf there were so many different applications? La maison simultaneously with the initiative She has given way to “I love my scarf,” a tour dedicated to the yoke in fact, that as the only Italian stage will see Rome as the host city on 16 September.

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