Where to Buy Barbapapa Toys

The barbapapa are Comic characters created by Annette Tison and Talus Taylor, and published in France since 1970. The comic is considered one of the first works with an ecological message.

Then came the series of cartoons for children, inspired by the famous Barbapapa cartoon, which is fond of the children around the world. Even today the barbapapa are much loved by children, who go crazy for brightly colored and cute characters that change shape.

To make a really nice and original gift, you might then decide to buy one of the many games of barbapapa , available online on many different sites, like that of the toy, which offers products at truly advantageous.

In addition to the many illustrated books of Barbapapa , you might as well buy one of the many puzzles that tell the adventures of the characters. The “Deco Puzzles” are enclosed in very funny shaped enclosures of Barbapapa characters . The adventures never end with “The Barbapapa family,” Barbapapa “on safari”, “Barbapapa on Mars”, “Barbapapa’s house”, and many other funny situations to be rebuilt! The price is around 17 euros, and the puzzles are available on the website Barbel Toys.

Really likeable also the Christmas bulbs of Barbapapa, with a series of 20 LED lights multi-color, which will doubtless be happy your children. The price of Christmas light bulbs is about 20 euros, and you can get this product out of “The Glow Company”.

Stuffed animals of various sizes (which you will find on the site Sip Toys), journals, chairs, Barbapapa characters, (also available on the website Toyshouse), and much more … The world of Barbapapa is truly boundless, so there remains to have a look at our photo gallery, where I also recommended sites where you can buy the delightful toys for children on gametate.com!

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