Types of Toys by Age


Your little one already playing when it is in baby bump. If you try to “knock” in the belly, he responds with drawings by excite mom and dads! This is a game for him. When born continues to play with anything that manages to touch, and as the weeks pass, play with everything you can see and hear. The toys are divided according to age, especially in the first months of life:

  • 3 – 6 months
    The games are ideal for this age are colored with mobiles chime to put a baby cot, pram or crib.
    He will reassure him at bedtime, will make him happy to wake up to the bright colors. Welcome are also classic rattles and toys to bite (in the absence of the pacifier!) like keys or rings, ideals during dentition.Also recommended the palestrina who will also use in subsequent months.
  • 6 – 9 months
    At this time, the toys suitable for a baby are the mats depicting animal and perhaps most frequently presented with different materials (smooth, rough, rubber, etc. ..). Ideal is everything that makes a sound, the first ball soft rubber small among all games.
  • 9 – 12 months
    Here you can pick any more! The toys to get to the first year of life are the phones (otherwise will take your risk of breaking it!!), frame (cubes, molds), Mortice (rings), soft or large buildings, first a bigger ball for the first lime, rubber or cloth books, music and games with keys to press.
  • From 12 months
    From now on you can offer to your child the classic ideal toys to help him in the first steps, and then towing & riding toys (usually animals or means of transport).
  • By 18 months
    You can propose your child books more resistant paperboard, always musical games, educational games in General.First machines or pedal tricycles are the favorites.
  • By 24 months
    The child is having fun at this age to do puzzles with a few large pieces, educational games in general, raccontafavole, books that discuss colors, crafts, animals, numbers … and always present the music!!

Where to buy

If you want to be sure to buy a quality toy, head to a competent shop early childhood and after reading this guide, surely you will be better prepared. Remember that the toy is for your son and we’re talking about an age 3 to 24 months, particularly between and for this reason we advise against buying “second hand” toy. You know, babies put everything in their mouths, chew toys and for hygiene reasons, should, whenever possible, have new toys from http://www.behealthybytomorrow.com/2015/align-rc-toys/.

Therefore advised not buying in flea markets. Do not be persuaded by the super-low floor, you’ll have a game that even held up well, it has already been used. Even purchasing toys at the weekly market or on the weekdays are not recommended, always for the age group we’re talking about. More often than not you will find toys suitable for children. In pharmacy, the protagonists are just tricks for the first few months, but many times, are offered at a higher price than the shops.

Let’s not forget the large shopping malls with an eye always to the brands, but above all to the original brand of CE safety standard. Many then specialty stores only in toys, veritable “factory stores” if so you can call them, like for example the Toys present in Italy with many branches. In this great “outlet” find really lots of toys and it’s virtually impossible to get out without having bought anything, really great selection and valid products. Also around the web there are so many shops of early childhood where you can place your orders of toys and find really good value for money. All you have to do is decide and play the best for your children!


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