Tips for Choosing Toys

If you are budget conscious moms, you know that children’s toys are very important and for this reason should be chosen carefully in order to avoid problems of which I will speak in the next paragraphs. Read the guide to know the characteristics, types, security and how to choose toys for children on the basis of quality, price and accurate information to the consumer.


A toy is an object that is used during a game. The toys usually associated with children and pets, but it is not unusual that even adults or animals domesticated not have fun with toys. Many objects are produced specifically for this use, but also objects produced for other purposes can be used as toys. A child can pick up an object and “fly” by pretending that it is an airplane, or an animal can play with a pinecone in campaigning over the paw, morsicandola, rincorrendola or propelling it into the air. Some toys are produced mainly for collectors and not to play it. The origin of the toys goes back to prehistoric times; dolls representing infants, animals and soldiers, as well as replicas of tools used by adults, are easily found in archaeological sites. The origin of the word “toy” is unknown, but is believed to have been used for the first time in the 14th century.

Toys and games in general, are important for growth and learning about the world around us. The children use the toys to play and discover their identity: the toys help to become strong, learning to distinguish between causes and effects, exploring relationships and hone techniques that will be used when you are adults. Adults use toys to play with and tightening social relationships, teach, remember and reinforce lessons learned when they were smaller, discover their identity, train your mind and body, explore relationships, hone skills and decorate the houses. Toys are more than just fun: toys and ways in which they are used profoundly influence many aspects of life.

When a toy is studied, designed and created in detail until he is put on the market, they can spend several months, sometimes even more than a year. This is because, the best manufacturers are studying carefully this article dedicated to children. But what it must have and what you need to have a toy to be considered a “DOC“? First, it must be safe and must not contain small pieces that your baby could swallow; must last forever, must intrigue the child and therefore must be very colorful with bright colors such as red, yellow, green, orange and blue. A good toy must be able to develop the senses in the child, obviously depending on age. Must develop the imagination through their physical and intellectual capacity. Therefore, always based on age, a suitable toy, must develop language, motor skills, logic, manual stimulation, auditory, visual. Some games must also be able to relax your baby with sweet melodies. A toy doesn’t come cheap.

Needless to choose a non-branded game to save, does not have the characteristics of a brand, and you’ll end up having to buy back. I’m telling you from experience. I had bought my baby while still in the womb, the classic animal farm at the price of 3 euros. It seemed a good toy and I took advantage of the good deal. Soon I realized I haven’t done a deal.

In addition (as in this case of the farm) not to mimic fine animal sounds, lasted very little. After too many falls from the box, the farm is broken. Fortunately we thought Santa to fix that, giving my son the Chicco’s farm, much stronger and more exciting. Of course difference price: 23 euros. But the games for children, especially the first games, at least up to 36 months of age, have a cost that anyway it’s worth it. A toy, as I mentioned, is to last over time and must be exploited. Can be stored and then repeated at other times so as to stimulate the child. Also remember, that toys must be in accordance with the European Union trade mark.

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