The Best Mac Lipsticks

Mac cosmetics as well as being famous for its high product quality, has lipsticks that they really lose their heads to many passionate make-up!

We will see together what are the best lipsticks Mac, the most beautiful, and then best-selling and most loved by the stars.

Among the must-have lipstick for Mac are both strong colors such as red to the naked portable, from matte to luster, and there are some that are considered the top of lipsticks by most women in the world.

One of the “best Mac” lipsticks is Angel, a rosé ideal for medium skin, the right balance between a warm and a cold color, finish Frost, is the favorite of Kim Kardashian.

Mac Brick O instead, perfect for autumn, is a reddish plum from Creme finish that is comfortable to darker complexions.

Among the colors pop’s most famous and beautiful we must mention the Girl About Town Mac, fuchsia switched to combine with a very sober eye makeup and put everything on the lips, the same finish of the previous year.

For those who prefer a deep rich colors, Mac lipstick  Hang Up is the top, a dark plum Abbreviationfinder to incarnate medium to dark.

A perfect and slightly warm and amber nude is Myth, on fair skin gives a very sensual look with its satin finish, while slightly more heated and coral is Peachstock.

The perfect pink instead we reach them in lipstick  Pink Nouveau Mac, adored by Lady Gaga.

As for the red lovers, among the best Mac lipsticks and most loved we are the Russian Red  (first photo) and Ruby Woo  (second photo) brought on the red carpet by Gwen Stefani, both with blue undertone.

Also on matte and red, among the most sought there are also the Viva Glam I, followed closely by Viva Glam IV more rosy and Viva Glam V but is a bare the intense finish Lustre.

Clearer and more on shades of pink of the latter, but just as famous, is the Please Me, lipstick  Mac ideal for intense and dramatic smokey.

The lipstick Plumful  Mac is for lovers of pink plum in this case Lustre, together with much more purple Up the Amps, Amplified.

Among the most special, however, we find Mac Impassioned, a fuchsia orange super turned on that does make sparks summer.

While among the best Mac lipsticks on coral hue we have the Costa Chic and Vegas Volt.

To end our roundup of the best lipsticks Mac, back to bare and concluding, we Shy Girl, light pink blush, dedicated to the diaphanous skin, to wear every day, and Ravishing Mac, for darker skins, coral clay.

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