Sony Smartwatch 3 Metal Band

Technological exhibition CES 2015 in full swing. Another announcement in the segment of smart watches offered us Japanese giant Sony. It’s not about premiere a new device and a new coat of current Sony SmartWatch 3 (see tucsonsmartwatches). To previous versions (rubber / silicone) with a sporty design added option of stainless steel, which radically changes the appearance of the widget. Perhaps it is difficult to spot, but housing SmartWatch 3: e separate part that can be separated from the shell (shell Body + chains / straps). So far not think we’ve seen shells from alternative manufacturers, though he did not seem particularly difficult to produce. Thinking in this way, Sony decided to prepare (and show CES) and special envelope (plastic adapter, holder, might lead to slight changes in the size of the watch), but did not include the chain. It will have a lock, which would make it compatible with all standard chains with a width of 24 mm. This is another good idea for an additional option to customize.

We note only hardware difference that causes a new metal version of the device. Dust is slightly reduced, changing the standard of protection from IP68 to IP58.

The above innovations will be available in February, but prices have not yet been clear. In a press release from Sony about the improvements to the appearance of the SmartWatch provides information about several software innovations. They are improving the usability of the device if no function connected smartphone with Android. For example applications are provided Golfshot and iFit, which will be available to owners of smart watch in January. They will use built-in GPS module to handle its own data for daily physical activity and sports.

Recall slightly and specifications of the latest smart watch from Sony. SmartWatch 3 was presented in September at IFA 2014 event. Even in advance by the company rejected the option to close premiere of their products with the new operating system Android Wear. The device is fairly standard clock from the arena of Android Wear, and his most distinctive differences from the competition is the availability of GPS Module (already supported by Android Wear) and NFC, as well as owning the largest such capacity battery (420mAh). Full specifications of the Sony SmartWatch 3 can be found in our Guide to smart watches.

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