Plush Toys Buying Guide

Some have skeletons in the closet, who instead of plush! These tender childhood friends they do not want to throw away, but also in his own bed as adults are not exactly suitable. For this reason many decide to store their plush closet.

However, it is very unfortunate that these sweet and plush toys end up in the closet, when they could give joy even to the greatest. If you do not have children or do not know anyone who has them, what to do with these cute teddy bears, bunnies and puppies?

Plush: a new life

The soft toys are available in many sizes, shapes, colors, animals and quality standards. However, when they become adults they do not attract what it used to but still maintain a certain emotional bond. Below you will find some solutions on how to recycle soft toys.

  • Plush bags: what they have in common soft toys and bags?The course material! So the idea of making your plush bags might not be so wrong. Just take your teddy and operate a cut on his back to make an opening. Subsequently delete all the padding on the inside. To coat the inside you can take an old denim shirt and cut out the right size to fit inside the plush, and finally sew this “bag” inside the plush. Finally you’ll need to protect yourself even add zip and handles. The hinges can find them in many sizes; you just have to be careful that it is slightly longer than the opening of the plush, to be stitched easily. For the handles, you can simply recycle the handles of an old bag you no longer use. Here is a beautiful bag teddy-bear DIY!
  • Keychain or slippers: you have those delicious mini plush depicting many different animals and do not know what to get? Why not overcharged the keychain? It can simply sew a small hook in the head or in the body of your little plush and voila! It will be preferable to provide it with a ring in order to more easily attach to your keys. In addition to making this very common object even more cute and nice, will also extremely functional! What woman does not have a problem finding the keys in the chaos of their own purse? And if this is a very spacious shopper is almost impossible! Thanks to your new plush keychain you just put your hand in your bag and go in search of fluffy plush, ever more endless searches! Finally, if you have a plush little larger, regular shaped enough, you can make some beautiful padded slippers! Just add an inner liner and reinforce the base and you’re done!
  • Puppets: of course, the puppets are things to children. But for those who still feels a bit child inside or wants to entertain their children or those of friends you will not have to worry about having to go and buy. In fact, their plush can be easily turned into puppets. Just empty them and insert a lining inside them to make the fantastic puppets. You can tell many stories and fairy tales to your children or to play them and let them interpret many beautiful and hilarious stories.
  • Large plush are quite difficult to reuse. What are we to make of a huge stuffed horse that even our pet hates? Unless you have a vegetable garden where these huge plush can be used as a scarecrow, then it will be difficult to give a second life to these huge puppets. However, you should not grieve. For certain types of stuffed animal, you can get … a pouf! Simply fill these plush with firmer padding that you set from the head and you can then stitch once finished. In addition to make you want to sit, you will also want to abbacciarli! When you let yourself fall into your plush ottoman-you will feel like your loved plush you were holding. Alternatively, with large teddy-bear you can also use it as large pillows for your sofa or bed, in case it is near the wall. You can comfortably rest on him and pampered by his tender embrace.

No matter whether it’s a teddy bear, a horse, a rabbit or a dog: soft toys are wonderful toys that can be turned into equally wonderful accessories to decorate your home. Leave room for your creativity and give a second life to your loved plush!

Plush, fun accessories

The home always requires a lot of care and attention, especially if you are looking for a sophisticated and elegant environment. And especially for children in the house that you need to buy small items that can bring a touch of joy and abandon. Among the most beloved toys you can =not fail to mention the plush. These are small accessories that can make the most beautiful surroundings and that; above all, they can become the best friends of children. Better to opt for colorful patterns and that are able to give a touch of freshness. There are plenty of people who buy soft toys as collectibles can be exposed at home. Buy at our site is easy and fun: sitting comfortably from the couch of your house, select the products of our thematic campaigns and add them with one click to your basket! Conclude by selecting the most secure payment method will be our pleasure to take care of sending them quickly to your door! What aspects? Start shopping now!

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