Plush Puppet Toys for Kid

Everybody loves them, everybody wants. They can be large or small size, of different colors and shades. They are the puppets, cloth, snow or for Valentine’s Day, are always welcome and have a cuddle to the touch and sight. Be inspired by the proposals of the website and enrich your home and your child’s room with the most cheerful and funny puppets. Love your home!

Puppets: Style change

There are so many kinds of puppets in felt, in cloth, in wool or in more innovative materials. They are always the best friends of children. The puppets take to the company’s children during the offering tender moments of sleep hours and at the same time goliardic in newspapers afternoons. The little ones have fun in life and give new forms to their dolls, dressing them and disguising them according to their taste and of their name. It is sure to give their names and nicknames creative and to treat them as if they were real animals. The puppets are accessories unique and special that over time have also become versatile to use not just for infants. Many designers, in fact, have reused old plush icons to create purses and handbags, key chains and frills directed to adults who do not want to miss the irony and tenderness of a wonderful memory. Some visual merchandisers who deal with important layout of known brand, realize the preparations with curious installations where the puppets perform the role of protagonists. Colorful and inspired by eras and materials of yesteryear or super technological and even moving. The choices are really a lot just like its uses. Find the puppets that are closest to your spirit and your reality and immerse yourself in a fantasy world that takes you to the world of dreams. Our site has a rainbow of new proposals for you.


Soft zone candor to a soft blanket of snow. From a distance one can see the enchanted peaks where the eye almost does not come. The time to stop and noises ovattano. Some stealthy step of a fawn by sweet eyes and endless eyelashes break the silence. A unique landscape, timeless beauty of pine and mixed greens that form chameleon colors depending on the light. The snowmen offer playful and friendly atmosphere, enriched by so much sweet imagination of young and old. The carrots are transformed into fun long noses at “Pinocchio”, an apple or a banana connotes a mouth surprised or smiling. The eyes are marked by stones or colored buttons for puppets with blue eyes or shades of brown. Children are happy and rejoice in a day of celebration between snowmen and rides endlessly. The sunset is coming, it’s time to go home where warm cloth dolls await their little friends. A hot chocolate and a cuddle before falling asleep. Love your home!

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