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Those who are interested in men’s shirts and follow mensshirtsshop already know: my boss IT for the spring season is definitely the shirt!I also like to wear it with the first warm, with the sleeves rolled up, in cool linen (always white) or in the spring, playing with colors from pastel to neon to floral. Nara Shirts, largest chain specializing in sales of men’s and women’s shirts, has created for spring summer 2012 collection a very nice, fresh and colorful, well-priced and really good quality!


You also like me shirts-addicted? Here are the leaders of the cult SS 2012 collection of Nara Shirts and relative prices. What is your favorite?

F05143: long blouse in lightweight cotton pure style Mary Quant. EUR: 59

D05100: red gingham blouse without sleeves V-neck with applied roses, curled on the bottom.EUR: 85

D05146: sleeveless shirt purple cotton print maxi white circles. EUR: 59

D05152: blouse in white linen sleeveless with wide neckline. Application blue flowers on the bottom. EUR: 89

D05154: blue cotton blouse with an asymmetrical neckline with pleated bottom. EUR: 69

D05162: mixed beige linen blouse with horizontal pleated neckline and important. EUR: 79

D05191: Asymmetrical semi-transparent long sleeveless shirt in cotton. Korean neck. Print flowers in shades of brown and beige. EUR: 69

D05238: red blouse with wide neck. Print macro flowers. EUR: 69

D05274: long blouse cotton maxi striped white and black turtleneck. EUR: 69

F05090: taupe blouse ¾ sleeves with large pockets on the bottom. EUR: 69

F05256: shirt in red linen with lace profile. EUR: 85

F05279: maxi multicolor flower print shirt. EURO. 69

D05132: white linen shirt, short sleeve with embroidery on the bottom. EUR: 75

D05237: multicolor flower macro print long shirt. EUR: 69

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