Molto Children’s Toys Buying Guide

In the 80s, the brand of toys was very popular, especially in Spain, for creating Gusy Luz, a nice doll shaped Caterpillar accompanying children to the house at night, thanks to the comforting light it emits.

Maybe Gusy Luz is one of the toys that more remember the brand, but there are many more. Since 1955, this Spanish toy manufacturer has evolved to become one of the top six companies in the Spanish domestic market, as it expands in many other countries. Let us look at some of the toys you can’t miss!

Parking lots and garage

Who hasn’t ever played with as a child? Any vehicle, including trains, motorcycles, helicopters … stimulate coordination, speed, balance and fun. A good option is the parking lots and garages, which are also ideal for keeping order all machines when you finish playing. Don’t miss the garge molto, with ramps and washing tunnel, and some with lift and/or heliport.

Kitchens Moltó

Toy kitchens are one of the most interesting imitation toys. The food is part of our way of being, our culture and our daily life, and what could be better than having fun with your food even through the game! Choose the kitchen Molto you like more: there are kitchens with dinnerware and accessories, and may be supplemented with thick carts or supermarkets. If you have little space in your home, a good option is the “first”, whereas there is room you can choose a large, like “electronic kitchen” with 3 modules and accessories 21.

Tricycles Moltó

If you’re looking for an evolutionary tricycle, which can be transformed to accommodate the growth of the child, we suggest that the different models of Molto Ubran Trike. This type of tricycle you can begin to use as a stroller with handle for parents, with or without support for your feet, and you change into an independent tricycle.

Snap-on toys and construction

From building blocks to games, passing for the centres and task tables, has lots of options to play, both for children like for older children. Sure you will like this 3 in 1 activity table mushroom: a table with many activities to discover music, sounds, shapes, colors …

Blackboards Moltó

Transforming whiteboards with different positions and functions, are the options offered by the brand, and we like it so much! Each of the blackboard Molto combines several options, such as blackboard, desk, whiteboard, projector, stool … The desk-Blackboard 4 in 1 study, for example, is very complete.

Moto Moltó

And they could not miss in this list, the bike baby Molto are essential. If we have to choose one of the motorcycles in the catalog, we find the classic motorcycle.

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