Make Your Own Wall Clock Ideas

Impression of the house and its owner, imagine details. They characterized with incredible accuracy, all they tell us about the master of the house couch potato or a drifter or a romantic pragmatist, ascetic or a lover of luxury, modern or conservative.

PhoenixWallClocks clock function – measuring time. We plan your day to have time to work on the morning of the child, preparing masterpiece dish observe the regime of the day.

Modern watches are as varied in design, price and quality, that the only choice is yours.

Create Unique with Own Hands

Addition to the traditional hours of down time, which are sold in stores, it can be different for different purposes: to decorate the interior, teach a child to move in time to save the memorable moments of life.

And most importantly – they can be created from simple materials at hand, limiting the financing of its river.

Use the old hoop heard and bright buttons, no doubt, will have every member of the family. It turns out original and fun decoration for a workshop or a baby.

A similar clock can be made from an old framework for hours at her cheerful attaching magnets or glue of the same buttons as the dial.

If you can handle the spokes or the hook, tie on the hour and decorate their working hours. In context of retro interior or interior in country style, they will look very organic.

Make a gift to a man fascinated by computers! Use outside wheels and old buttons keyboard. The materials are simple and easy – the old device buttons or imitation, adhesive mechanism of the clock hands. Take most original decoration in the interest of the person to whom you give it.

Many families whiling away the long winter evenings, games of dominoes with neighbors. Your neighbors – gambling, people are fond of? Surprise them for hours, decorated in the style of dominoes. With security such a gift to have your taste!

Not all watches are purchased large quantities, and observed from a distance, and people with bad vision. And you can make such a clock to meet the needs of your grandparent, or those numbers that will be visible from most -dalechnata point of your home. Just put a number on the dial and paint them a color that contrasts with the color of the foundations hours.

Originally will look plywood base clock and bright handmade buttons digits. With help of her husband, that he will cut from thick plywood base hours as a circle or other shape that suits your interior. You like this watch, you can easily add an accent to the interior.

Use frames to your photos to create unique watches. Their beauty is that you can change the image depending on the moment you want to remember.

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